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Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 65 "Skywalker in the Shadows"

May 11, 2020 Joseph and Michelle Whalen Season 2 Episode 65
Insights into Entertainment
Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 65 "Skywalker in the Shadows"
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Disney is bringing back The Wonderful World of Disney Movie Night with a few modern classics. The Haunted Mansion is getting it's own board game in October. And Pixar is cooking up some fun with their popular animated characters for the kids, all this week on Disney Detective.

Star Wars Insights takes a look at the reports of Taika Waititi helming a forthcoming Star Wars movie And Lego Star Wars returns with The Skywalker Saga featuring some original actors voices and some never before revealed secrets of some of the lesser known characters from the Star Wars Universe.

In Entertainment News Oscar Nominated projects are being banned from Emmy Competition signaling even more mixed reaction to streaming media's rapid rise to dominance in the entertainment industry. Tribeca Enterprises is partnering with IMAX and AT&T to revitalize a popular form of entertainment venue. And Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill is taking on a dark role in What We Do in the Shadows.

Then we'll wrap the show with a couple of fresh Insightful Picks of the Week.

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insightful podcasts, informative hosts insights into a podcast network. Welcome to Inside Scinto Entertainment.

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A podcast. Siri's taking a deeper look into entertainment and media. Your hosts, Joseph and Michelle Whalen, Ah, husband and wife team of pop culture fanatics are exploring all things from music

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and movies to television and fandom. Welcome to Insights and Entertainment. This is Episode 65 Skywalker In the Shadow I'm your Host shows of Whelan and my loving and motherly co host Michelle Wayland. Aw, Happy Mother's Day weekend, by the way. Thank you. How are you doing today? Uh, not too bad. It's chilly. It is it z seasonably cool.

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You know, I went out to do our grocery pickup. Uh, you know, now I don't go into the store. The farmer's market, I do curbside on and just, you know, standing outside, I was like, Wow, it's It's like winter

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when that happened. The they did say the next several days is gonna be like November weather here. Yeah,

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yeah, definitely feels like it's part of getting Hey, it's a great weekend. Stay in doors.

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Good thing we didn't have any place to go right?

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It's like every weekend. It's ground Hog day all over again.

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Yeah. So today we got a busy show on Disney. Detective will be talking about the return of the wonderful World of Disney movie night. Ah, we will talk about a new Hornet mentioned war game that materializes. It was good. Pixar also has a cooking channel so you can cook up. There's pixels of fake food, I guess. Right thing in our Star Wars insights the wonderful Taeko A TT is set the director new Star Wars film, which I think everyone is excited about, given his past performance with Disney associative movies. Uh, Lego Star Wars. The Skywalker saga will pack in nearly 500 characters. I guess we've got some exciting gaming news Or is this a movie? Gaming. Okay, well, legs got movies, that is You never know. Then in our entertainment news, um, an interesting ah uh, move from, ah, Emmys. Now not ah, they're banning Oscar nominated projects, which should be interesting twist. Then the Tribeca Pill programs driving Siris for films, sports and music will talk about that. Then we will see our first look as Marc Hamel embracing the dark side and one of our favorite shows. what we do in the shadows, and we'll go onto our in central picks of the week. And I think we have a good show lined up for you today. Shall we get into it? Sure. Right. Go for Disney, Detective.

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So Disney announced earlier this week that they were reviving the wonderful world of Disney. Um, that, you know, anybody growing up? You know, even before you know, our generation remembers, um you know, Sunday night was kind of the wonderful world of Disney. You had, you know, Walt Disney, you know, introducing different things. There were movies that he would do, different specials and things like that. Um, and not that long ago. They actually kind of brought it back again, Um, for a limited run. So now they decided to do a four week, um, Wednesday night presentation of, um, wonderful world of Disney. And they've picked four very different movies to to show um, so this Wednesday, or I'm sorry, Wednesday, the 20th. So not this Wednesday. Like to Wednesday's. From now, they're going to be showing one of our favorite newer movies, MMA Wanna s O. That will be the 1st 1 that comes up Ah. Then a week later, they're going to be doing the Thor Ah sequel, Dark World. Um then week after that will be Pixar Disney. Pixar's up, And then the following week will be big hero six. So it will be May 20th is marijuana. May 27th is Thor the dark world. Um, June 3rd will be up, and then June 10th will be big hero. Six so kind of nice that they're, you know, showing these, you know. So for a Wednesday night, they all started eight oclock eastern time. Um, so, you know, sit down with the family and, you know, have some movie time

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of, ah, very heavy animated lineup. They have their

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Oh, yeah, yeah. Kind of interesting that they threw Thor in there, you know,

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especially dark Road, because that was, like, one of the worst for me. Maybe

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they're hoping to bring back some life to it. I guess I'm surprised they they didn't go like more old school, like, you know. Do you like snow? Why? Yeah, Cinderella

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that, You know, the first couple being the classics,

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right? Kind of dio well, and maybe, you know, they're kind of sprinkling a little and see how well it does. And you know, and again because we already know there's gonna be issues with, you know, um, TV shows, you know, not being, um, you know, filmed right now, you know, for your next trip. Television, You know, all the scripted stuff even, you know, even the reality stuff isn't, You know isn't going to be done. You know, either I could totally see them, you know, doing, you know, keeping, you know, Wednesday movie night. You know, going on. You know, throughout the whole summer. Even so, we'll say. Well,

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say, you know, you couldn't answer a better time. It's not like you don't have a captive audience,

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right? Exactly. Exactly. Not like anybody is really going to be. Oh, no. Wednesday night. So? So that'll be kind of interesting to say.

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Very cool will tell us about the new Hornet mansion board game.

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I was just a little excited about it. It's just a little like I was trying to

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get your eyes that warrant wearing a haunted mansion shirt.

spk_1:   7:22
Well, I am wearing zombie. So, you know, um, yeah, I should have put on a show. I get a pair of years because I got a few over there you couldn't see. Um, so one of you know the very popular toy brands out now is fun co. Um, you know, almost everybody probably has some sort of funk. Oh, Pop,

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even I have fun co pumps, and you don't need

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to like, um, you know, um, so the new board game will be based on the beloved Disney's haunted mansion. And this all new after life adventure will arrive this October. It's calling the Spirits game promises family fund for ghosts and mortals nine years old or older. Um, not much really has come out about the game. Really? The only thing that you could find online was the artwork, Um, for the box. Um,

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it's rather familiar. Artwork.

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Yeah. Yeah. Uh um, So, you know, obviously the Haunted mansion is no stranger to board games. Um, for those you know, that don't already know Clue came out with ah haunted mansion version as well. Aziz, Uh, the game of life. There's also Haunted mansion,

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which there's a certain irony.

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Yeah, yeah. Um, so according Teoh, um, you know some of the, uh, website information it isa game that requires 26 bodies and less for about 1/2 hour, apparently. Yeah, like you. Apparently, according to the listed contents, each player receives their own game piece and a reference card. A trio of games specific card decks keeps the adventure moving. There's the hitchhiking ghost deck, Go stack and ah, haunt deck. Um, and additional intriguing ingredients are, ah, clock hitchhiking, ghost tokens, instructions. And, of course, the game board. So really again, Not too much, you know. Information you know is out about it. There are 99 unique ghost cards that feature illustrations from the original haunted mansion. Um, and then, you know, the bat, the classic that, um, you know, is one of the game pieces, you know, that can move along. So again, not much coming out. Um, the one website that I I did find it was actually to, you know, for for ah vendors to to purchase, you know, And it basically said that, like, June, something is like the end of June is when you could place your order for the October, you know, delivery. So I was almost thinking like, hey, should I just buy a case

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of they don't have a release price on

spk_1:   10:15
No, no price. Nothing really

spk_0:   10:17
interesting. You know, it's a shame, because this is one of those things that would appear a toy fair, right of the tweet conventions be ableto get a sneak peek and get some hands on on DSM pictures.

spk_1:   10:29
Yeah, but right now,

spk_0:   10:30
conventions not going on, we don't even get that advantage. Yeah. Yeah. So hopefully they'll do, like, a little pre release or something.

spk_1:   10:37
I'm sure there'll be something, and I'm sure you'll find it. You know, Disney obviously wasn't hurting when you know, all of the anniversary stuff came out last year. You had hot topic and box lunch was selling it. Target was selling, you know, various things. So I'm sure it's it's hopefully not gonna be, you know, hard to find

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Well, and it's not with all those things. And now with this that Disney's finally producing the hornet mansion problems fans like you want to say,

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Oh, absolutely. And you know the other thing to to kind of go along with this is that, you know, old school gaming along with, you know, regular, you know, video games and things like that There's an upswing. Um going on with that? Because people are home, you know, they want to do something together as a family or whatever. So, you know, I, you know, a couple of weeks ago they were talking about it on the radio How you know, they, you know, sat down with their family and, you know, played this game. And, you know, there are certain games that you could play with other members through zoom, you know, and stuff. And people were like, Oh, that was such a fun game. I want to, you know, get it for myself and you couldn't find it. You know, they were trying buy it through, you know, Target or Walmart or something. And like they're out of stock on a lot of board games. So, you know, obviously, hopefully by October we're back to a little bit of ah, different mode, then worry now. But I could definitely say, Hey, we got into, you know, doing family game night. Let's continue it, and especially if you're a fan of Haunted Mansion, Here's another perfect game toe. Add to your collections

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very cool. So tell us about Pixar's cooking.

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So of course we've been, you know, mentioning every week about different recipes, for for things since everybody's home and everybody's trying different things. So now it seems that Pixar's You Tube Channel actually has a Siri's called Cooking with Pixar, where they have recipe tutorials inspired by their latest films and all your favorite characters Air kind of their toe help you along the way. Um, so from the movie onward, there's ah, um, video of Ian and Bartley Lightfoot showing you how to make the classic birthday cake. Um, or you have four key from Toy story four. Who does pizza from Pizza Planet. Um And then, of course, you have Remmy, who will show you how to make, um, you know, some classic Radha TUI, you know? So it's kind of cute, you know? Um, I didn't watch any of the videos, so I don't know if it's more, you know, kids centric or, you know, um, but obviously, um, kids air getting more involved in cooking now, you know, because ah, their home with their their parents and stuff. And, you know, yesterday's podcast on insights and two teens was, you know, kind of ah, cooking based and, you know, we did videos of Maddie, you know, helping to cook. So, um, you know, I think now is Ah, good time teacher. Kids had a cook and have, you know, some Pixar characters. Ah, help you out. So

spk_0:   13:59
it's just This was kind of a cute tying way did to cover cooking and the benefits of cooking for kids and, you know, the benefits of family dinner and stuff. So this is definitely one of those things that I think would certainly help during quarantine time and even outside a quarantine time. It's family fun. And to kind of keep it going on and stay together. Type thing? Yep. Very cool. That was when we had left on. Ah, Disney Detective. Correct. So we shall move on two Star Wars Insights. For over seven years, the second CIF Empire has been the Premier Community Guild in the online game Star Wars. The Old Republic with hundreds of friendly on helpful active members, a weekly schedule of nightly events, annual guild meeting rates and an active community both on the web and own discord. Second sieve empire is more than your typical group. We're family. Join us on the star Ford Server for nightly events such as operations flashpoints, world boss funds, Star Wars Trivia Guild, lottery and much more. Visit us on the red today, w W w about the second CIF empire dot com go for Star Wars insights

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At least this time I waited because I knew it was coming. So some exciting Star Wars news? Maybe possibly you think so? One of our favorite actor slash directors, um, whose you know, I don't know, just been, you know, pure gold. I guess when it comes toe various different projects has been tapped to direct the new Star Wars movie. And that would be, and I'm totally going to screw up his name. So

spk_0:   16:34
typical watch TV.

spk_1:   16:35
Yeah, thanks. What TV? For some reason, I could do his last name. I can't do his first name. I don't know why. No, um, so the filmmaker, obviously behind Thor Ragnarok Rock and Judge a Rabbit will direct and co write the new Star Wars movie for theatrical release. Oscar nominated, 1917 Writer Kristy Wilson Kearns will penned the script with him in January. The Halory the that the Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Lucas Films was courting him. Eso no release date has been set for the project, which was announced on star wars dot com to coincide with May the fourth, the unofficial Star Wars holiday. Obviously, official, it's official. You know what it's official for Star Wars fans under cholera in this house. It is. Um, so, uh, he already, um, has done obviously work with the Star Wars franchise. Um, he, you know, worked on the man DeLorean. Uh, not only, you know, acting in it, but also directing. Ah, we've only watched one episode of, um, the man DeLorean documentary that came out this past week and, you know, watching him, you know, the behind the scenes stuff he's such, you know, a fan and, you know, loves, you know, all things, you know, star wars and whatnot. So you can you can just see, you know, the that in him, You know that. You know, he's going to do, you know, a good job, obviously, with this, um, and you know, fans obviously hearing the news. You know, we're so excited about this because, you know, they know it's in the hands of somebody that will, you know, take care of it. Um, So Disney still has a December 16th 2020 to date, carved out for an untitled Star Wars feature. But nothing obviously, you know, has, you know, come out whether this is the project that he's gonna be directing or writing or if it's something, you know, the next movie. You know, that that comes out so kind of exciting news. And, you know, and he was kind of funny with, you know, his posts on Instagram and Twitter was like, Oops gets the cats out of the bag now, you know, So he was even, you know, funny about it. So,

spk_0:   19:05
yeah, he has, ah, special kind of brilliance to, um uh he took Thor Ragnarok and took it in a direction that nobody expected right, which really revitalized a franchise of movies that nobody liked any of the previous store moving and ragged Iraq was just a masterwork, just with the humor and their happiness and everything about it. And he brought sort of the same thing to the man DeLorean with the episodes that he's worked on. He's written and directed, and he didn't bring comedy to it, but he made the storylines mawr communicable, like you know, you can understand the humanizing of some of the characters in here that he brings to the project itself. Yeah, so he kind of brought that sense of humor in and brought a level of realism that you don't normally see in Star Wars is where you get to connect to those characters. Yeah, so very exciting news. Unfortunately, the other disappointing piece of news associated with Star Wars movies is it. Apparently, Disney is sticking to its guns. Yeah, that they're giving Ryan Johnson a trio of movies after that debacle of a Star Wars movie that he ruined in last Jet I. So hopefully with talent like Tekoa TD coming in and revitalizing the franchise and what you know Jon Favreau and everyone else is going on the man DeLorean. Hopefully Disney will see the light at the end of the tunnel there and realized that the distorted, dystopian vision of Star Wars that Ryan Johnson had for it really is not the way that you want to go and you're not going to be successful with sure, and hopefully they'll pull the reins back on that and give it to somebody. Here's a little bit more capable of carrying on the saga. So tell us about Lego Star Wars.

spk_1:   21:08
So Lego Star Wars The Skywalker saga is set to be the biggest Lego star wars yet when it launches later this year, Um, so you one of the cool things is that you'll be able to start the game at any point in the saga. So that's really anyway, so you'll be able to start the game at any point in the saga so you can skip the prequels if you want or, you know, even jumped to the last jet. I if you want, Um, it'll include new space missions and a whole new, uh, the whole game is brand new, so don't expect previous Lego, you know, Star Wars, things to be, you know, put in the game. Um, according Teoh, um, one of the directors. Ah, there will be nearly 500 characters in the game, with many of them being playable. Ah, he said that, you know, basically, they tried to get a yes from almost every character. Um, and you No one will even be The Phantom Menace is Ah ya dough. Which is the Yoda like alien. Um, who nobody really knows a whole lot about, but she'll even be, you know, part of the game. Um, you know, he they also said, you know, that we think that it will be a success with, you know, once subtle moment in particular that during a Luke and Kylo Ren fight scene that was just so funny, You know that. You know, people just kind of laughed as they were playing it. So, you know, I know Sam used to play, you know, You know, the various star wars like, I think, Matty even she played, you know, So this might be, ah, fun One toe, add, You know, heck, I might even, you know, play. Especially if you can, you know, be all these different characters. And if you can, you know, mix, you know, prequel with, you know, past. And that was

spk_0:   23:09
the thing that was always fun about the Lego games in general is that you got to be all these different characters. And as you played through the game, you would unlock different things. And there is a sense of achievement as you play the game risk reward system that you would get eso It had a lot of replay ability as a result of that, which was very nice. It wasn't one of these gains where you play, you beat it once and then you're done with it, right? You have a lot of reasons to go back and play it over and over because the currency system in the game is won that you don't just earn as you're playing through the game. You go back and replay the same chapters over and over, and you continue to earn COGSA, which is what they're credits are. You use those cons on unlocked, different characters and trades like that. So it's a very well done game franchise, and it's nice to see that they're keeping it going. So that was only have what Star Wars insights. Let's come back in a minute with our entertainment news of the week. Insides into teens, a podcast. Siri's exploring the issues and challenges of today's You talking to real teens about riel team problems explore issues from braces to

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puberty, social anxiety to financial responsibility. Each week we talk about the topics concerning today's youth way. Look at how the issues affect teens had a cope with these issues and how parents, friends and loved ones can help teens handle these challenges. Check out our video episodes on youtube dot com. Backslash insights into things Catch our audio versions on podcast insights into teens dot com or on the Web at insights into things dot

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com. So tell us about Oscar nominated nominated projects being banned from the Me's.

spk_1:   25:30
So, in response to the blurring lines between theatrical and video on demand distribution, the television academy on Thursday clarified that Oscar nominated projects would no longer be eligible to compete for Emmy Awards starting in 2021. Now, I was actually kind of confused a little bit about this because I I didn't think anything that was nominated for Oscars were in the same category as things that were nominated for television. You know, I I figured, you know, movies were movies and television, you know, was television. Um, so obviously this move coincides with the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. Recent announcement that some streaming films would be eligible for the 2021 Oscars, um, is more a blow to the documentary space than really any of the other features. Ah, for the last several years, the overlap. Actually, um was more with the nonfiction products. Um, you know, and that was really where it stemmed from. It was, you know, that's that's the niche where? Ah, I guess you know, you could be, um, nominated for an Oscar, but also, uh, Anami. And it was really more again for the documentary. So basically, now they said for 2021

spk_0:   26:58
basically all the stuff I watch.

spk_1:   27:01
Yeah, really, Your you You are in the documentary person. Um, you know, so you know, they said, you know that the television academy supports the recent decision from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to allow feature films originally intended for theatrical distribution but made available via streaming or video on demand during the current pandemic crisis to compete in the 2021 Oscars. Further, the Academy of the Television Academy ruled in March that effective 2021 programs that have been nominated for an Oscar will no longer be eligible for Emmy competition. So I guess you know, with I could see it more, you know, for everything that's being streamed because it's not a theatrical release. I guess maybe there were some people that were like, Oh, well, now, because it was streaming its television versus

spk_0:   27:54
well, and I think that's sort of the line is being blurred here in some situations where you have things that are being released on Netflix and Amazon Prime right Apple on all these other strike services now that are movies that are being streams, right? So really, they need to figure out what streaming is right? And that seems to be kind of the growing problem Here. Are streaming our movies that stream movies or TV shows, right? Or do you have a completely separate set of awards associated with just streaming men? Right. You know, your television awards, you've got stage award. You've got movie awards, right? Maybe you need to have streaming awards now.

spk_1:   28:39
Yeah, because, you know, the other thing, too, is, you know, there are those made for TV movies. Yes, there, that are, you know, on Lee on. You know, the networks and those would always be eligible for Emmys because they, um they anyone always feel they don't appear in theaters. But there was always a special category, you know, It was, um you know, like specials. You know, so, like your You know, your one offs, basically, you know, was kind of that. But now you have, you know, Netflix, like you said, that is doing the theatrical release so that they could be nominated, you know, four Oscars where now they're saying, you know,

spk_0:   29:29
and I really think this boils down to the problem that we ran into last week with, you know, the Oscars, right? These these groups need to get together and figure out what streaming is to the right. Yeah, No. And either they include streaming programming in there Award shows, right? Or you have separate online streaming award shows with it.

spk_1:   29:51
All right, now, I could totally see you know, a Siri's. You know, if if you have more than one episode, you're a Siri's, and then that can be the problem

spk_0:   30:02
that you're going to run into is we're rapidly approaching this critical mass of streaming media now. Yeah, where the bulk of the money for arts and entertainment is going to come from online stream. You're going to see you're immediately going to see a drop off in theater revenue. You're already seeing a drop off in television. Revenue is people cut the cord. Right? So what are you going to do when the primary source of funding for actors, directors, producers in all these projects become streaming? You're gonna say, Oh, none of that stuff is eligible for awards, right? That's not gonna fly, right? So they all these awards organizations, these bodies have to get their act together now because you're probably a couple of years away from that becoming the primary funding source for all of this, This creative content coming out and if they don't solve it now, you're going to hell wall real quick here. And you have to make a decision without without much choice. So So tell us about Ah, tribeca program.

spk_1:   31:12
So Tribeca Enterprises I, Max and A T and T said Wednesday that their partner partnering Tow Launch TriBeCa Drive In, which is a summer program, Siris of new and classic films, movie and sporting events. It will take place in drive in theaters and other exclusive venues nationwide starting on Thursday, June 25th. Ah, and the lineup will actually be announced in the coming weeks. Ah, so they said we're taking the spirit of TriBeCa around the country by creating a safe environment where audiences can come together and enjoy the sense of connection found by going to the movies. Ah, this was quote from Ah Jane Rosenthal, who is the Tribeca Enterprises and Tribeca Film Festival co founder and CEO. Um so the majority of cinemas, obviously across the country, have been closed due to the Corona virus pandemic since mid March. While some states are experiencing ah soft re openings, most major chains say that they still will remain closed until Hollywood studios ensures a steady stream of new programming. Ah, the earliest theatrical blockbuster on the schedule is Christopher Nolan's tenant, which is for July 17th. Many drive in theaters have obviously remained open since they are, you know, naturally suit, Don't you know? Ah, social distancing trolls World Tour, which was made available to rent on video on demand. Um, had a release date where it actually also played in 21 drive in theaters across the country. Um, and, you know, obviously did very well between you know, the drive in theaters and you know, the home on demand. Um, so they're also partnering with I max, which uses the digital remastering process to enhance the image and sound experience in addition to helping curate the program. Um, so this is kind of, you know, interesting. This is, you know, the next step. Ah, you know, and what we said, you know, bringing people together safely toe to enjoy ah, movie or, you know, ah, filmed concert, you know, experience. You're, you know, in the safety of your own car. Um, you know, and there ableto get it out. Teoh to, ah, big audience.

spk_0:   33:38
Yeah, and I had talked about this over the last couple of weeks. Where? Drive throughs. Really? You know, we don't have We've got one that's within driving distance, right? Right. And that's about 40 minutes away. Yeah, but you know, New Jersey is the home of the way in the first place to have drive throughs, events, driving. Sorry to drive through movies. That for the really quick. So, yeah, I mean, they were born here, Um, and they died out because a largely because of the cost of land.

spk_1:   34:11
Right, Because you need to have a lot of lead in tow. The cars

spk_0:   34:16
you need to have the land and the problem was the limited showtimes. You do, because you don't show him at night on. Right? Right. Um,

spk_1:   34:22
and during the summer, you can't start it until, like, 99 30. So,

spk_0:   34:27
yeah, so this might be where people start to return to go go out and see those movies here. So the fact that they're doing an organized attempt like this to bring other content to it, right, I think that's kind of a unique approach

spk_1:   34:41
to Yeah, And And I'm sure there's, you know, and I can't imagine, you know, I'm sure they can come up with, um, you know, temporary areas, you know, to do a drive in, You know where

spk_0:   34:57
How about all these mall parking lot?

spk_1:   35:00
Well, I was just saying between mall parking lots or do funked, you know, shopping areas. You know, there's tons within New Jersey. I'm sure there's tons within, You know, other areas of the

spk_0:   35:13
kind of guy through the drive ins. Now, I kind of stopped seeing Dr right. I like those fast moving drive ins don't require the same infrastructure that they used to sound equipped. Everything's done wirelessly with

spk_1:   35:27
exactly. That's what I was going to say is that you don't need to, you know, back in the day. You used to have the little speaker that you you know, you're hungering your window. Um, you know, now you you know, you be change the radio station, you know,

spk_0:   35:43
in this month, coinciding at a perfect time for the nationwide decline of shopping malls. Yeah, with large tracts of land available, you figure you, you know, assuming the shopping wall near us closed down, right, you could easily put four theaters.

spk_1:   36:02
I was just thinking, if you did, like one on each side, even, you know, and and all the entrances, you know, you block that off. So that's how you pay. And basically, you decide whatever movie you want to go to. You don't even have to say, you know Oh, I want to see this one. You know, you

spk_0:   36:18
drive around, screamed through screen,

spk_1:   36:20
you drive around toe, you know whichever area you know. Okay. You know, turn your radio station to this channel for this movie, this one to this one, you know, And

spk_0:   36:30
I could totally see,

spk_1:   36:31
you know, And you could even, you know, obviously bring in, you know, food trucks. Because I know there are some areas where they're doing, like, drive up. You know, food, trucks, even, you know, So you could probably even, you know, set something up so that you don't even have to get out of your car. You know, the biggest thing would be like, you know, restrooms. Because if you're at that the movie for you know,

spk_0:   36:56
for that you do what they do it. Music festivals, portable restrooms,

spk_1:   37:00
right? Exactly. You You know, you get the porta pots and, you know, and just everybody, you know, be mindful of everything, but yeah, you could definitely see, you know, think about how many you know, But you also have to make sure everybody staying in their car. You don't want people true, you know, running around or, you know, stay in your car. You know, don't get out, you know, because really, you could park next to each other. You don't have to worry about, you know, parking your car six feet away, you know, from something else. But I think it would, you know, definitely helped to boost

spk_0:   37:33
it might help the economy that we might be the start of that effort to get things back to normal for yes. So the last door we have here is Marc Hamel embracing his dark side. Tell us about

spk_1:   37:47
Somare. Camel was taunted by the dark side while playing Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise, obviously, but now he can finally embrace it in a new project. Ah, Hamel will pull portray an ancient vampire in our one of our favorite, Siri's. What we do in the shadows. Ah and Entertainment Weekly had the first look at the character fangs and all. Ah, the episode, titled On the Run, is set to air on May 13th and will introduce a vengeful enemy from Laszlo's past who appears without warning to settle a personal debt. This causes Laszlo to flee, is home and go into hiding. Ah, Mark had tweeted some very nice things about the movie and this show when it was, you know, in its first season. Ah, so we understood. So he understood the world of our show. And this was, ah, quote from the executive producer and Shoko Show Runner. Ah, And also he seemed perfect for the part because he has this gravitas to play an ancient vampire. Ah, rival. And he's not afraid to be silly. And he knows a thing or two about an extended fight scene. Ah, so Mark had actually said that. I remember it was Father's Day and I had my three kids over and we were picking a movie to watch. And he had suggested life with Father, which was an old school. Um, but he liked it as a kid and, you know, and then his kids rolls his eyes at him on They said, It's a corn ball. So I asked what they wanted to watch, and his one son suggested what we do in the shadows. Ah, he had never heard of it. But when he explained what it was that it was a reality show about vampires, he was like, all right. And he was completely unprepared for what he saw, which was really when we first saw the movie, we were kind of like, What is this? You know, um, so completely unprepared for what he saw. And it was so incredibly clever and compelling. It had all the elements of a horror movie, Yet it combined the magnificent within mundane and you know who thinks of these things? He said he had to stop multiple times to really absorb what he has seen. And it's one of his favorite movies now. Ah, so when he was asked to, you know, play, you know, a part of this, you know, he jumped at the chance. Um, you know, So most of the scenes are, um, with one character. He said the real, you know, the challenge of working with him was just trying to keep a straight face when he would start improvising. So each line, he would say, You know, he just kind of lost it and, you know, would be cracking up with it. So again, it's one of our favorite shows. If you've never watched it, never watched the movie. Now's a perfect time toe jump into it. It's you know, Season two is kind of halfway through. Or, you know, just, uh, yeah, probably halfway through. By now, we're definitely a couple of episodes behind in it, but definitely looking forward. Toa the episode with, with

spk_0:   40:48
Accounts another another tie in with the Taiko TV and Star Wars. Yeah, absolutely. Just it all plans together so nicely. One big happy family.

spk_1:   41:00
Yep. So what we do in the Shadows airs on FX on Wednesday at 10 p.m.

spk_0:   41:05
Awesome. So that was only at for entertainment news. We'll be right back with our insightful picks of the week. Go for your in central

spk_1:   41:19
eso. My insightful pick is a limited run. Siri's, I guess, is what they call it. Ah, called Hollywood. It is an American drama Web series, um, starring the whole ensemble of characters you had. Dylan McDermott, Jeremy Pope, Holland Taylor, Jim Parsons, Patti LuPone. Um, it was created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan. Released to Netflix on May 20th it's a miniseries about a group of aspiring actors and filmmakers during the Hollywood golden Age in a post World War two error trying to make their dreams come true. Ah, the Siri's received mixed reviews from critics who praised the performance of the cast and the production value but criticized the tone, the writing in the artistic license taken with it. Um, so the show follows the actors and filmmakers, you know, trying to make it in Tinseltown, Um, and each character offers a unique glimpse behind the ah, the gilded curtain of Hollywood's Golden age, spotlighting the unfair systems and bias across race and gender and sexuality that obviously continue today. Ah, Hollywood exposes and examines decade, decade decades woo old power dynamics and what the entertainment landscape might have looked like if they had been dismantled. So what's interesting about this is they have a lot of characters who are real life characters, you know, like Rock Hudson is one of the characters, Um ah, some other you know, various actors, and then they have different characters who are based off of other characters. But what's kind of interesting is they, you know, for some of the afters, there were myths about him and rumors about him like nobody really knows if that was how that person's life really waas. And in this Ryan Murphy, you know, twists and shows. You know what if Rock Hudson had come out as as gay from the start, which obviously didn't happen in real life in real life rock cuts and you know, it wasn't until he came out and and said he had AIDS in the 19 eighties that anybody knew, you know, there were always rumors about him, but nothing concrete. Um, so here it's you know, what would have happened to his career? Had he, you know, come out from the very get go. Um, you know, it also Ah has a lot with with race. You know what? If you know, a black actress actually had a lead in a role and wasn't just the made, um, you know, so it kind of, you know, takes that approach so again, you know, some of the characters are fictional, some of them are are true, and it also ends up giving you their happy ending. So ah, animate Wong is one of the characters that that pops up. She was a real life actress. Um and her story was kind of a little tragic because she was up for this part of Asian woman had screened, tested for it was perfect for it. They ended up giving it to a white woman. And that actress actually won an Academy Award for the picture. An enemy. Wong never really acted again. In this version of it, she gets that second chance. She plays a character that's just a woman, you know, no stereotyping. And at the end wins an Academy Award, you know? So So it's, you know, it's it has that happy ending. But yet, you know It's kind of tragic because, you know, things haven't changed so much in Hollywood. You know, there's some darkness to it which Ryan Murphy is is known for. Um, you know, but but still, you know Ah, good story. I happen to be a fan of Ryan Murphy. I usually enjoy his various television, you know, things. So I I liked it even though again, I Afterwards I read all these different, you know, articles where the critics were just kind of like, you know, they didn't like it, But you know what? They're you know, There's always something for everyone. So if you're fascinated by the golden age of Hollywood and you know what it was like to be a contract player, you know, they show a lot of of that. Um, you know, there's a lot of sexual undertones to it, you know, because a bunch of the characters are gay and, you know, you can see what it was like in in the late forties having to hide it and what they had to do, you know? And even, you know, you know various race issues and have that you know, affected it And what not so you know, overall, I enjoyed it. I would definitely, you know, recommend it

spk_0:   46:49
so cruel. Good pick. Thank you. So my pick this week is surprise. Surprise. Not a documentary on.

spk_1:   47:08
Only because I told

spk_0:   47:09
you about this, this one that you told me about and I went and watched Episode one of it, um, because I wasn't allowed to watch anymore after watching Episode one because you wanted to watch it with me. Right? Um, this is upload on Amazon prime in 2033 humans are able to quote upload themselves into a virtual after life of their choosing. When computer programmer and Nathan dies prematurely, he's uploaded to the very expensive Lakeview, but soon finds himself under the thumb of his possessive, still living girlfriend, Ingrid. As Nathan, adjust to the pros and cons of digital heaven, he bonds with Nora, his living customer service rep or quote Angel. Nora struggles with the pressures of her job, her dying father who does not want to be uploaded, and her growing feelings for Nathan while slowly coming to believe that Nathan was murdered. The show's interesting one because it takes a lot of the technology that we have today like self driving cars. Yeah, and it projects what they're gonna look like in the future. And they're seen as these infallible, you know, but quirky where you can sort of hack them devices out there, right, there is a belief that there these infallible machines, right, right on this notion of uploading your consciousness is sort of like the Matrix, The Matrix in reverse, where in The Matrix you wanted to get out of the computer Here. You're getting into the computer as your body is failing and you're going to die soon. And there's one particular scene in the first episode where it sort of poses some interesting philosophical debate. Where Norris father is, apparently you're led to believe is terminally ill with something. He's gonna be dying soon. She wants using her employee discount get him uploaded into the network so that she can continue to interact with a mantra. He dies, and he is of a dis traditional belief that when he dies, he's going to go to heaven and be with his wife, right, because she was never uploaded. And she's waiting for him in heaven. So it sets up. I mean, it's a comedy, right, and it's very funny. There is a lot of a lot of really great little scenes like, you know, you get breakfast until 10 o'clock in the morning and nine at 10 o'clock in the morning. It all disappeared, right? So they have toe hack a coffee machine to get doughnuts or something like that. So it's really funny and cleverly done the way they do that. But there's some potential is tremendous potential for some thought provoking program I hear and the philosophical idea of heaven and earth in right, you know, all that stuff. So we've only watch one episode of it so far. I'm looking forward to watching the rest of it, but I really enjoyed the first episode in it, and it really got me hope. Being a technology guy myself. I see a lot of the technology that's there and and how the writers and the producers have sort of envisioned where today's technology is going to go.

spk_1:   50:30
And the other thing that I thought was kind of interesting about it was the fact that, you know, even though you've moved on, you can still communicate with your your family, right? You know you can still make phone calls and and talk to your loved ones like that. Just kind of seems, you know, creepy And like So how are things going? You know, like,

spk_0:   50:53
uh, coming from a 90 background where a power outage means that my databases offline. I can only imagine what happens to these entities that are in the right work in the event that there's a service outage. And I have to imagine they're gonna

spk_1:   51:07
Yeah, way ticket. But yeah, it was definitely, you know, I saw a commercial for and I was like and I watched the first episode. And that was when I said something to you, knowing it was that that quirky comedy, but had that that technology you don't background. I was like, You know what? I think you're gonna like this so

spk_0:   51:28
very cleverly done. So that's Ah, upload streaming Now on Amazon prime. We'll come back and we'll give our contact. So that's it for today. Uh, you can reach out to us. Subscribe on apple podcast Spotify Google podcast stitcher I heart radio tuning overcast pocket cans. Castro cast boxes

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