Insights into Entertainment

Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 62 "Alternatives and Options"

April 20, 2020 Joseph and Michelle Whalen Season 2 Episode 62
Insights into Entertainment
Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 62 "Alternatives and Options"
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Take a virtual tour of Disneyland Pars or cook up any of seventeen Disney Park recipes to stay in the spirit of Disney parks. We'll also discuss the challenges facing theme parks such as Disneyland, Disney World and other seasonal parks in the wake of extended Coronavirus closures and what the new "normal" will look like when we can try to start getting back to life as we knew it.

In Star Wars Insights we'll take a look at some important developments in the character story of Darth Maul, how the latest episodes of Clone Wars sets up some key story points in Solo: A Star Wars Film and some story points in season 2 of The Mandalorian. We'll also take a look at the recetnly announced eight part docuseries on The Mandalorian set to debut on Star Wars Day of this year and we'll show you how to spice up your video conferencing options with some unique Star Wars backgrounds.

We'll talk about the cancellation of San Diego Comic-Con in Entertainment News. But we'll also offer you a plethora of virtual options to satisfy your convention fix including an alternative to the popular Free Comic Book day and a look at conventions around the world with Worldcon coming in July through August. And we'll give a quick glimpse of the One World: Together at Home special featuring the Rolling Stones and other popular artists before we pay tribute to the recently departed Brian Dennehy. Then we'll finish up with our Insightful Picks of the Week.

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insightful podcasts, informative hosts insights into a podcast network. Welcome to Inside Scinto Entertainment.

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A podcast. Siri's taking a deeper look into entertainment and media. Your hosts, Joseph and Michelle Whalen Ah, husband and wife team of pop culture fanatics are exploring all things

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from music and movies to television and fandom. Welcome to Insights and Entertainment. This is Episode 62. Alternatives and Options. I'm your host. Yours of Whelan and my vibrant and energetic coast. Michelle. Well,

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well. Hi, everyone. Good morning.

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How are you doing today, sweetheart?

spk_0:   1:09
Good, good. You know, got up early. Did the are my my Saturday morning ritual, which is, um, being the hunter gatherer. Ah, and going to the Amish farmer's market or

spk_1:   1:24
our best could be joining the mask

spk_0:   1:26
and the gloves and and everything. You know, as I was telling you last week because of the holiday, seemed to be a lot more people. So there was a line actually took a little while to get in today. When I got there, there was a line, but it was because they hadn't opened yet. Um, and then once, you know, they opened, everybody went in, um, everybody, you know, it's It's funny to to see the, you know, progression of things. You know, when things first started, you know, people were in gloves. Um, you know, some people had him. Some people didn't. Then it kind of progressed to the point where not only everybody that's shopping is wearing masks. But even the Amish workers are wearing masks and gloves and everything and everybody, you know, it's kind of a tight area, but everybody tries to, you know, keep their distance. And, you know, like if it's, ah, deli counter or something where you have to pull a number, you know, people are sometimes staying there. You're like,

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scares me, excuse

spk_0:   2:30
me, and everyone's like, you know, moving out of the way and everything. Um, but it's That's kind of the new normal ish, you

spk_1:   2:40
know, it's actually almost the title of this podcast. Today was doing new normal with the stories that we

spk_0:   2:46
Yeah, yeah, so you know. And I went and, you know, within 1/2 hour or so I managed to get, you know, everything that we we needed for the week, you

spk_1:   2:55
know? You know, it's funny. I used to, you know, a famously with joke that you come to a four way stop light. And that's a true sign of civilization. Whether or not you get through it, right? Right? Right now, it's just going to the market is a driving civilization. Know who cooperate in enough of away,

spk_0:   3:12
right? Like I haven't

spk_1:   3:14
material the food you need to survive and then get out of there.

spk_0:   3:18
Yeah, like I haven't been in, like Target's been the only store that I've I've gone into. And I've been into target what, Twice, Three times, I think. Since everything And it was to find toilet paper. That was really you know how

spk_1:   3:32
paper, The currency of the zombie?

spk_0:   3:34
Yeah, because I couldn't get it. You know, we couldn't get anything anywhere else. Now for our other groceries, You know, we we, you know, usually do Wal Mart and Wal Mart. I do. You know, the grocery pick up. So I haven't physically been in a Wal Mart in almost two months. Um, whereas the target I've been in but targets always or more open. You don't have a CZ. Many crowds, um, you know, and, you know, and I visit one that's not as crowded as some of the others in the area. So it's, you know, it's It's a weird thing waking up on a Saturday morning, you know, knowing we're going to do the podcast. But it's like I got to get the hunter. You know, gatherer. I must go and hunt Thio to get the food to sustain us, you know, for

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the weekend. So and so that's that's our domestic, uh, alternatives and options viable now, right? Yeah, a lot of stories that we have today are entertainment methods, alternatives and options to get through. So we've got some stories in our Disney detective about virtual tours of Disneyland Paris, which last week we had the the show it was streaming right. Then we have Maur Disney Park recipes. We've done selective ones here and there, but right here was a whole list of a whole list of recipes to give you that warm for the Disney feeling. Then we have a or a generic bomb. But it does certainly deal with whether or not theme parks in general will be opened this summer. Uh, you know, we had talked off line about this, right? Right? It's less of an a impact on Disney that's in all seasons. Park were right more of your other regional ones, where you're only open for one season, right? You know, it's a huge gamble to try to get those parts ready. So we'll talk about that. More detail, huh? In our Star Wars in science, we will talk about Darth malls return setting up mad Laurie in season two. Which again, I hope there aren't any spoilers because I haven't watched all of, uh, no, I'm not all call upon clone. Where's this week? So, um Well, have screen. Then Disney Plus announced that the will be putting a eight part man DeLorean docuseries together. It should be interesting. They hinted that we might get some insights into some of the answers that we were looking for from last season, huh? Then our entertainment news. We will talk about sending you San Diego comic con being canceled due to Corona virus, which not unexpected, but unfortunate. Um, but, uh, right behind that we have some alternatives for you if you're missing convention lines, so stick around for that, and then we will have our insightful picks of the week. So another show that is unfortunately tainted by the Corona virus, but one in a way that we are certainly trying to put a positive spin on things to help everyone get through things. Absolutely eso. We'll take a quick break. We'll come back with Disney Detective, and we'll go from there. For over seven years, the second SIF Empire has been the Premier Community Guild. The online game Star Wars. The Old Republic with hundreds of friendly and helpful active members, a weekly schedule of nightly events, annual guild meeting rates and an active community both on the Web and Discord. Second Sieve Empire is more than your typical group. We're family. Join us on the Star Ford Server for nightly events such as operations flashpoints, world boss funds, Star Wars, trivia lottery and much more. Visitors from the Red today at www dot second sip empire dot com. All right, so first stop on Disney Detective, We've got virtual tours of Disneyland. Parents tell us about that.

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So this weekend this past weekend, Disneyland Paris actually celebrated its 28th anniversary. Um, but unfortunately, being closed. Ah, there were a couple of Web series that actually came out to be able to give you a virtual tour off. Ahh, Disneyland Paris. Ah, so in the Disney parks blogged post about the French Parke, Ken Rafferty Jr said, Among the many stories that make Disneyland Paris unique, it's that it opening that it's opening represents Disney's return to a land that inspired many of the timeless fairy tale shared by Walt Disney in an extraordinary way. Um, so there is a French YouTube, Siri's ah, called Once upon a time, it actually has English subtitles, And it takes viewers on a tour of Disneyland, actually of the Disneyland Paris resort. So there's about 30 short videos and you'll learn about the different themed lands. Um, you know, and also tour the on sites resorts as well. So it gives you, you know, a view of everything. Um, you know, and from watching various documentaries from from Disney. Plus, uh, when we were watching the Imagineering one, they were showing how you know the architecture going into it. It's much different than most of the other parks because they wanted that artsy look to it, that French feel you know to it. So if you've never been, it's definitely, you know, always been, Ah, bucket list item. Ah, for May. This is a chance to actually, you know, explore the park. Um, you know, through, Ah, a bunch of different, you know, short video. So

spk_1:   10:10
So now these are actually Disney produced?

spk_0:   10:13
I don't think so. I think it's it's It's a French YouTube. Siri's, um, you know, it's actually no, it's a It's a Disney Imagineer. Ah, that that does it. So

spk_1:   10:25
very cool. So you should be very well, w we've liked all the

spk_0:   10:28
Yeah, I've never I've never I haven't look through the videos on here to see you know what? They what they look like. So

spk_1:   10:36
we might have to mind that they're going to read the fine when it's a virtual tour of the hour for you to write, right? Yeah. That's kind of a sticking point that we have there. Yeah, uh, so tell us about some Disney recipe.

spk_0:   10:50
So of course, everybody stuck at home. Everybody's, you know, cooking different things, you know, as long as they have the ingredients. Obviously, the first recipe that came out were the ci rose. Ah. Then obviously, last week, um, Dole whip a recipe came out for that. So in this article that buzzfeed Buzzfeed has. Ah, it's actually 17 different. Uh, Disney Disney land. That is the whole cookbook. The one that I thought was interesting was the gray stuff. Um, which is from Beauty and the beast. They serve it as a little Ah, dessert. If you eat in the castle Beauty and Beast Castle. And it's actually and I just quickly looked it up. It's actually vanilla pudding, milk Oreos and Cool Whip Oh, and chocolate pudding as well. Um, with Sprinkles. So that sounded pretty easy.

spk_1:   11:50
Takes it doesn't taste like those of the green,

spk_0:   11:52
right? Right. That's what you know. Like I'm still waiting for, like, the blue milk. You know what the recipe is is for that? Because we couldn't, you know, figure it out. Um, they had the mint julep up from New Orleans, New Orleans square. The Mickey been yet blew by you gumbo. Um, hand dipped corn dogs. The Monte Cristo. Most of these air from Disneyland. Um, like the Monte Cristo. Ah, the Matterhorn macaroons, Rice krispie treats to make you know them in the shape of Mickey, you know? So it gives you that, um, apple freeze.

spk_1:   12:32
Bacon wrapped asparagus, chicken wrap. You might convince me. Asparagus.

spk_0:   12:37
I know we have enough bacon. I just don't have any, you know, asparagus. But if you go to the buzzfeed article after each, you know each food There's a link to, ah, you know, different sites with with the recipes. And obviously it ends with, um you know, the Dole whip is well, but if you're hungry and you know, hopefully you have enough. Ah, any credence, or you can order ah toe to bring home. You

spk_1:   13:04
know, we're clearly going to have to put a list of ingredients together and start doing some Disney cooking.

spk_0:   13:09
Yeah, I think that'll be like starting our next weekend. Ah, thing. And that was the thing. Even when I was at the farmer's market with one area, they do have, you know, the dry ingredients. But I didn't know what I I need, you know?

spk_1:   13:23
So I want to do a little research,

spk_0:   13:25
right? Right. Maybe Maybe that will be one of our you know, extra podcast is Okay. So we tried cooking since a cooking

spk_1:   13:34
with entertainment food addition.

spk_0:   13:36
Right, Right. So I thought that was, you know, again, something kind of, you know, cute. You know, Because again, um, you confined. You know, in some cases, you can find the Mickey ice cream bars. Um, you know, But here, if you you know you're home, you're trying, you know, different baking things. Um, you know, the one radio station I listen to, you know, in the mornings when they've been having different guests on it seems everybody's making banana bread. And it is funny because I was actually gonna make banana bread,

spk_1:   14:06
banana bread, sour dough, bread,

spk_0:   14:08
right? Right. Everybody seems to be making that, cause I guess everybody seems toe, you know, have you know those ingredients? So yeah. So here's Cem Cem Disney inspired, uh, treats toe try. And if you can get again, if you can get the ingredients so

spk_1:   14:23
and most of them seem like pretty simple ingredients, just, you know, kudos to the chefs at Disney for putting the magic together. Right? Right. Eso The question of the hour is will theme parks over this summer list? Let's talk about that.

spk_0:   14:38
Yes. So this is, you know, obviously ah, burning question. You know, you have more of the regional amusement parks, like Six Flags and Cedar Fair that really don't have much of a window to make a decision whether or not the 2020 season will even happen. Um, most of those parks, you know, around the you know, the country operates seasonally, and the summer months are obviously when they get, you know, the majority of their profits. And, um, you know, obviously the larger theme parks, like Disney and Universal and Seaworld, they operate year round, so, you know, they're feeling the hit now, but at some point, you know, they will open, um, you know, and kind of get back to things. Um, you know, so So really, it's it's they're just not sure you know, you do you open, do you not? Do you just call it a bust right now? Um, you know, as of right now, um, the only state where all five of these companies have a physical presence is in California. And the governor of California actually said this week that large scale events that bring in tens of thousands of people are unlikely to be in the cards this summer, and he was referring to music festivals and other summertime gatherings, but you know, could also mean, you know, theme parks as well, since they also bring in, you know, a lot of people. Um, so obviously, you know, different thing. Different places are trying to figure it out. Um, Cedar Fair actually announced this week that all of their 2020 annual season pass holders, um, annual and seasonal pass holders will now also include the 2021 season at no additional cost. Um, I know that Disney, with their annual passes, they were adding extensions on, you know, so people that you know they're passes were supposed to be expiring in the end of June or something. They were sending out letters, toe annual pass holders extending, you know, their dates. You know as well, you know. And for six flags, they were hoping tohave a mid may start. Um, you know, but still, So let me know.

spk_1:   16:59
You know, you work for six legs, go

spk_0:   17:03
many many moons

spk_1:   17:03
ago for in preparation for getting ready. How far in advance of the opening season do they usually have? Two

spk_0:   17:11
way? We would always start. So, you know, we always opened usually Easter time frame s O. You know, end of march or the beginning of April was when way. Yeah, we would be open by now, but we would start doing training as early. Like usually the first week of January is when they would start doing rehires. And by mid January, mid January and February was training. You know, there was training, you know, during the day there was training on the weekends,

spk_1:   17:49
so even if they were intending on restarting their three months behind

spk_0:   17:53
right, they would have already been been doing training and, you know, rehiring And you figure, you know, there's there's the crew that's already there, You know, the maintenance people, you know, But you figure, you know, where

spk_1:   18:08
are they? They're

spk_0:   18:10
I don't know. Well, and that's the thing is because, Well, Disney has their people that are still, you know, they still have security. They do still have maintenance people there, you know, keeping things, you know, up and running. I don't know with, you know, parks, like, you know, six flags that are on Lee open, you know, for the spring summer and you know, early fall if you know, you know, because you know what? What? Some of those rides they actually take some of the the area's apart you know, to prepare for the winter and whatnot. And usually, as the warm weather starts, they're already going back and putting things back together. So I don't know if stuff like that if they've even started, you know, putting anything together in hopes that Okay, well,

spk_1:   19:02
we've sort of seen that type of pattern down team using parts out of short, too. You know, they start opening almost in a staged approach, ruler of some of the simpler rides. And then the more complicated brides get overhaul.

spk_0:   19:14
And that's, you know, that's another thing that, that's, you know, is down. You know, the shore. You know, we we live in, you know, we live in New Jersey were, you know, not too far from, you know, Wildwood and Ocean City. And, you know, that's another amusement, you know, area. Next month we're supposed to have the heart walk on. And as part of the heart walk, one of the amusement areas, which usually is an open 100%.

spk_1:   19:42
That's the one that usually starts. It's staged approach,

spk_0:   19:45
right, right, right. You know. Are they even going to be? Is the heart walk even gonna be

spk_1:   19:49
going on? They don't even I guess the real question is, is there any point to opening? Who's gonna be going to these things? Are you gonna be able to go right if you're able to go? Who's going to want to go toe to a crowded venue later?

spk_0:   20:03
Right, Because that's one of those that you know, it's It's one thing to go, I guess, to a movie theater and say Okay, you know, you sit here and you sit 60. It's a way. And you said, You know where you can

spk_1:   20:17
Actually, I would be less inclined to go to a movie theater after watching the movie outbreak,

spk_0:   20:23
right? But But I'm saying so with that, you know, you can kind of spread people out, but with an amusement park, you're touching the rides, you know, like, how are you? And you can clean that after you know every person you know gets off the ride. That's you know that's Maur. You know. That's why you know the regular parks, you know, the playgrounds were closed because they can't clean, you know, all of that stuff. So, yeah, you know, like, yeah, you could open up the boardwalk and you know, but just not have anything.

spk_1:   21:00
You know, I think this kind of goes goes towards a discussion you and I were having off yesterday about what the new normal is going to be when we were able to finally leave our cocoons here. All right. The world's going to be different, right? Industries, they're gonna be

spk_0:   21:17
well, and And one of the things, you know, very, very Disney related along with others is the buffets, You know, the restaurants that they have. Okay, So once things were kind of open, do you even have self service, you know, buffets and anymore? Or is that now a completely dead? You know, a dead industry where you do more family style, you know, like you get

spk_1:   21:43
locally like your Chinese, but

spk_0:   21:45
right, you're Chinese buffet, zing. And you know, your golden corrals or, you know, whatever. You know, how you know, do you basically just have to change your whole model? You know?

spk_1:   21:56
And, you know, I don't think anyone's thought all of this stuff. Nah, I think we're gonna be in for quite a surprise when things start to migrate back to what we thought was normal. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Well, that's it for Disney Detective This week. We'll take a quick break and we'll be back with Star Wars insights. Okay, Insides into teens, a podcast series exploring the issues and challenges of today's You Talking to

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real teens about riel. Teen problems explore issues from braces to puberty, social anxiety to financial responsibility. Each week we talk about the topics concerning today's youth way. Look at how the issues affect teens had to cope with these issues and how parents, friends and loved ones can help teens handle these challenges. Check out our video episodes on youtube dot com. Backslash insights into things. Catch our audio versions on podcast insights into teens dot com or on the Web at insights into things dot

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com of Right. So first up in Star Wars insights, Darth Maul s

spk_0:   23:36
So the final season of Star Wars Clone Wars continues on Disney plus, and it continues to kind of set things up in the Star Wars universe. So last week's episode, I guess there were. I haven't been watching it. I don't know where you

spk_1:   23:52
are. Last week is all I'm missing right now. Okay, Ruin that for

spk_0:   23:56
so no, I'm just I'm just going to generalize because I don't wanna ruin it for anyone. So it seems that in this week's episode entitled Together Again, basically, it's tying together various events from Clone Wars with the man DeLorean and also so low in your favor. You know, movie, a Star Wars story. And the character that's tying all of these things together is a former sit apprentice known as Darth Maul.

spk_1:   24:26
Wow, funny. The guy who got chopped in hand was tying everything together.

spk_0:   24:29
Who knew? Um, so basically, you know, in moments that kind of set up everything, it kind of follows, You know, the Star Wars cannon? Um, you know, So it again, I'm not gonna go through the, um, the scenes because you haven't watched it. But basically, you know, Darth malls revealed tow, have a power that's behind Crimson Dawn, which was the major criminal organization involved in the spice trade. So he's kind of coming in and threatening some people. And, you know, basically, you're you're setting the stage for Han Solo's Kessel run, so it's kind of bringing things, you know, together. And that's then, you know. And at the end of the episode, a couple of people cutting a reunite, and the one person happens to be a leader of the man DeLoreans. And that's, I guess, where some of the tie ins are gonna okay, so I don't want again. I don't wantto say too much because you haven't seen it. And others that

spk_1:   25:37
have the last couple of episodes of Clone Wars this final season have kind of hinted towards that. Grant and I got the feeling right that it was going in that direction. I I still have to question the revisionist history that the Disney seems to take my powers. Were they? They'll tell a story. You'll have no idea where it's based on right, and then they'll go back in and fill in the pieces afterwards and sort of make up the history to get to that point on. It's honestly, it's kind of frustrating because it's almost like one is. It's almost like they've learned from their mistakes. They throw something out there and they get a reaction from the fans, and then they see how the fans react, and then they go back in and clean it all. All

spk_0:   26:27
right, we'll make it all

spk_1:   26:28
the bridges history right, right? Based on the reaction of the fans, right? So when not a spoiler disappointing time. But at the end of Solo, you find out that Darth Maul writes in charge. He's the head of Crimson Donut, right? Right. And that's kind of a shocker, right? Especially if you're just a watch. The Star Wars movie kind of person,

spk_0:   26:52
which is what I kind

spk_1:   26:54
of hate and most people are. You know, if you read the novels and the comics and you watched Clone Wars and all the other, um uh, collateral material, you would know that somehow, after getting chopped in half in phantom minutes and falling down a reactor shift, right, Darth Maul somehow lives. Now why not? I wouldn't suggest it's It's so implausible and so ridiculous that the premise of which he comes back, that I wouldn't even suggest going back and watching all of that because, uh, he comes back with spider legs and he goes insane than their sif witches. And there's magical spells. And there's all kinds of crazy stuff to get to where e. R. O

spk_0:   27:37

spk_1:   27:37
has a brother, by the way. So So, yeah,

spk_0:   27:41
good guy. Okay,

spk_1:   27:43
he's a mutant brother and he's got forced powers and and they both. Why not fighting the Emperor? And it's just it's terrible. It really is. The whole story line was terrible. Um, but if you don't watch all that stuff for real right books, you

spk_0:   27:57
you don't know. So at the end

spk_1:   27:59
of solo band Darth Maul shows up,

spk_0:   28:01
you know, like like Wait, he's dead. That it was right. It

spk_1:   28:04
was wants to boost. You think he's dead, right? Right. And now they're going back in and they're changing the history and how it gets there and all that stuff. So it's like it's kind of to me, it's kind of annoying to two to play to the fans and in such a way as to throw out a feeler, get a reaction, and then decide that. That's how you gonna write your backstory. So I don't know. We'll see how it goes. I'll probably watch it today. I'm a little behind. So you

spk_0:   28:34
got time? Yeah. Not going anywhere.

spk_1:   28:37
Yeah. Yeah. So anyway, so Disney plus Man Lorien. Docuseries. Let's talk about this.

spk_0:   28:44
So obviously, the man DeLorean was a breakout show, and it's now going to receive an in depth behind the scenes look in an all new eight part documentary, Siri's um on Disney. Plus this series will premiere on May the fourth, which all of us or worse noses as the as Star Wars Day and new episodes will premiere every Friday after that. So obviously they're doing what they did, Um, before they're not releasing everything you know all at once. So one episode, you know, at a time, ah so Disney Gallery The Man DeLorean will explore different aspects of the Siri's. There are a number of interviews with the cast crew, production and production team. Ah, the Siri's will also include never before footage of the cutting room floor, the round table conversations hosted by the director, writer and producer Jon Favreau. Ah, he described the syriza's an opportunity for fans thio to the show toe look to get an inside look and see it from a different perspective, and maybe a greater understanding of how the man DeLorean came together. Obviously, one of the topics will be the special effects. Um, you know how they brought the various creatures to life and even how they brought baby life. It's been so long as we've seen Baby Oda. Um, you know, um, so the Siri's obviously premiered November of 2019 and it was a huge hit. And new episodes are slated for, um, October of this year. Hopefully, everything is it's still gonna be, um, you know, coming together. Um, but it definitely sounds like this will be ah, good thing, you know, interesting thing for for us. Tow, tow, watch to see, Because obviously, we've seen different things, you know, uh, coming out with how they did the special effects. That was one of the stories we talked about a couple of weeks ago. The whole, you know, virtual. Um, you know, the sad and everything. So I'm sure they'll be, you know, talking about that. You know,

spk_1:   30:57
I I'm anxious, actually, to see the sort of behind the scenes science and technology behind that aspect. Yeah, so very cool. But I'm also hoping that they'll sneak in some, uh, probably stuff, like

spk_0:   31:13
maybe throw a couple of teasers. I'm sure. You know, until you know, October comes around in the new season, comes out

spk_1:   31:21
just a little something to tide us over. Right? Right eye. That was our last. Interesting insights. I didn't throw one last one out there for fun. Okay, um, you can now host. If you're a zoom fan, you can now host your zoom call with Star Wars backgrounds. That's cool. Uh, this this article that I'm we're looking at here is from the verge. Uh, but the official STARWARS site allows you to actually grab backgrounds that you can use for your conference calls, and they specifically mentioned Zoom here. But I'm pretty sure that anything that allows you to do background replacements will work. Okay, as well. Um, and, ah, in addition to your backgrounds here, the one that I was talking to you about earlier in the week is snap cam. Right. If you, uh, download snap cam on your PC, it basically is a replacement camera driver on allows you to do Snapchat style animation and stuff. Right? Calls, right. Part of it is they have Star Wars theme. One of you. There's a couple of Star Wars backgrounds. One words the background of ah, Stardestroyer hanging with troopers. Here's one words the Emperor's chamber, the Millennium Falcon, and they have a couple of facial overly, so you could be Darth Vader, for instance, eso just Lord stuff. Just a little fun stuff for your work at home or conference from home types. One of the throat out in there Real quick. Um, so that was it for Disney. Insider Star Wars. Inside our words insider Sorry, I'm looking at Disney Plus thinking Star Wars getting on. I know it's OK. Eso we'll get right into entertainment news. Alas, San Diego comic con is canceled.

spk_0:   33:32
Yeah, we you know, I don't think anybody is really surprised. You know, by this it's e think everybody was just waiting for for the news And again, as we talked about in, um in the ah theme park in whose I couldn't think of the theme park news. You know, the governor of California basically said no gatherings, you know, 10,000 people who are, you know, or more basically. And you know, San Diego comic con ah, you know, definitely fills that. You know, um you know, falls into that category, Uhm you know, you know, and and for those of you that you know, don't go to comic cons, San Diego is really the one where all of the news comes out about, you know, all the different movies. You know, That's where Marvel usually makes their announcements of things and and different television shows and things like that. So it's it's really it's probably the biggest comic cost from announcement, you know standpoint. And this is actually the first time in 50 years that, you know, organizer's behind it, you know, announced that they had to not have one. Um, you know, the event will, you know, return to San Diego Convention Center. You know, July of 2021. Um, you know, they they basically, you know, said it's with deep regret. We know, you know, between the exhibitors that come and the attendees that come, you know? But right now they have to look out, you know, for everybody's health. And again, you know, the governor of California, basically, you know, made it clear that, you know, he didn't want anything going on during the summer. You know,

spk_1:   35:25
the mass gatherings. It's unfortunate that something that has such a longstanding traditions is canceled. You kind of have to, and it's impactful to the family industry and, you know, the producers, And, uh, but you kind of have to think of the collateral damage of this? Oh, absolutely. All the vendors, all the local industry restaurants, all the places that you know, this is where they go positive for the year. You know, this is a major source of their income rights. That's gone right. Um, so while Yeah, it kind of sucks that we're not having, you know, from a fan's perspective, right? And I could only imagine the negative impact this is having on all the people that live in that region there.

spk_0:   36:15
Oh, absolutely. And that was You know the thing you know earlier this year, you know, Emerald City comic con. That was kind of the first major one where they up until what? A couple of weeks before they, you know, they were They were hoping, and they were like, All right, well, make sure if you do come. You're prepared, doesn't it? Ah, you know, don't come if they think you're, you know you're sick. And then it got to the point where we're like, Nope. We'll see you next year. We don't even wanna, you know, risk it. Um, you know, some of now, Emerald City. As of right now, though, that was that was the one that they actually postponed it till August. Right? So who knows? If they're, you know, at this

spk_1:   36:57
wires, there's an outside chance that way. Still having it in August,

spk_0:   37:03
you know? And and maybe they limit the amount of people. Maybe, you know, like when we went to New York comic con, we went on a Sunday. We didn't even go on

spk_1:   37:12
the busiest day under these conditions.

spk_0:   37:15
You know, I could definitely see them saying, You know what? We're only letting so many, you know, like, I could totally see them going. All right, You know what? We can't have everybody so jam packed. We need to space it out. And, you know,

spk_1:   37:29
space your vendors on, right? Sure. Isles on. You need to limit the number of people you need to have. You know,

spk_0:   37:35
I could see them doing, you know,

spk_1:   37:37
very conditions again.

spk_0:   37:39
Or I could even see them doing how you know they were doing galaxy's edge. With time tickets, you only can go in for four hours, and then when you're four hours is up,

spk_1:   37:49
you know, a lot of museums. Franklin Institute is that when they have their special exhibits get in here is your ticket. You're loud. And from this time to this time, and maybe that's kind of

spk_0:   37:58
the new normal for some of these things, like you're still allowing people in. Obviously, you can't let you know all the people in that would want Thio, but you're limiting and you're making it safer, you know,

spk_1:   38:11
for other viable alternative. What we've got today. Yeah. Yeah. So all options, but it bad news that Cindy use canceled, but we have some virtual events. That's about those at least

spk_0:   38:25
and well, you know, And we've been, you know, kind of I've been, you know, mentioning them for excuse me a couple of weeks now, um, you know, now there was this article on sci fi basically talking about, you know, putting all the virtual comic cons, you know, together, Um, you know, in in kind of one area. Um, So, as I had been mentioning Wizard World, they've been doing various different live streams, um, of different things. So they had the cast of once upon a time. They had the cast of Buffy. Ah, an angel. Um, they, uh I think just over this weekend Or maybe it is this weekend? Um, Seif eyes the magician's, um there Ed Asner there were gonna be doing a one on one, you know, with him. Now, I don't know if once the event is done, if you can find it, like, on YouTube or or if it's like a one and done type thing. I believe Gary beause e is supposed to be another one. So you know, like every week, you know, once or twice a week, they're they're doing various different ones. Just threw, you know, wizards, and they're free. You know, you just have to stream. Uh, you know, now, if you did wanna get some one on one time or get an autograph. Yeah, you could, You know, you could pay. Um, bum that. You know, free. Go. Go ahead and do it. Then they're, um, Comic Book Day is usually the first weekend in May. So it seems that they're doing an alternative free comic book day. Um, so comic book day is is usually a free event. Usually, all of your local comic book stores get some sort of, you know, free samples to give out. So now they basically kind of created an online substitute. So it'll be a two day event. They'll actually have panels, free digital comic books and other surprises. And, um, I believe if you go, they I think they had a Facebook page, so you could go to to get more information about that. Then there was a virtual virtual fan Expo May 2nd and third, um, where again? They were going to be doing a virtual panel online. Happy hours, interactive game rooms. Um, you know, they'll even have, you know, different vendors available. Ah, Thio buy from, um Then there was, uh, the nebula conference, which is normally the end of May. That's for science fiction and fantasy writers they're going to be doing Ah, virtual, you know, get together at the end of May. Um, then there's actually this Star Wars and Cause Play convention. Ah, which goes usually from, Ah, April 26 2 May 17th. So they're doing their first ever, you know, online. Get together. Now, this one, actually, you know, did have an entrance fee was $6 though, and I guess it's going to be like an eight hour, you know, online event. So really, you know, not that much um, money, then World con from New Zealand. Now, you know, for us, we're probably never gonna get Thio chances of tea. Oh, hey, here's an opportunity. Thio do that. Um, I know there was another one, I think called home con that they've been doing, you know, various things. So,

spk_1:   42:02
yeah, keeping things alive, right? Things going, raping that spirit, living, and so for

spk_0:   42:08
Yeah, yeah. And you know, so many of them, you know, are asking, you know, if you can, you know, give money, you know, donate to whatever, you know, fund, Um, you know, to help others out during this time, and you know, if you can, but you still want to, you know, participate. You know, again, most of them are are free of charge, so

spk_1:   42:29
And if nothing else, people need an outlet, right? Everyone's cooped up in the house. Yeah. Go anywhere. They can't do anything. Yeah, these air giving us that outlet, that ability to have a little bit of a release, a little bit of a team. And, you know, it's one thing to be stuck in the house for a given period time, but to be stuck in a house with this lingering omen of fear over you has, Ah, psychological drain on Oh, absolutely. And outlets like like this are really, you know, helpful to get through these time. Yeah. Yeah, that was actually the last article we had I had wasn't I thought we had

spk_0:   43:08
no The concert.

spk_1:   43:09
Oh, uh, get jumper.

spk_0:   43:15
Stop! Jump. It's okay. So there's about the So there's it's one world together at home Special. It actually airs tonight. Um, and it's gonna be a two hour special. It's actually going to be basically on almost every network. ABC, NBC, um, CBS networks, I heart media YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, instagram, yahoo twitch, Amazon prime. Basically, if you can connect to it, you're gonna you know you're gonna be able to see it. It will be a two hour telecast with Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney. Ah, Liz Oh, Ellen John, Celine Dion, Sean Mendez, Billy Joel Armstrong. Um, Chris Martin and the Rolling Stones, which was kind of like what they're they're doing this to. So it starts at eight o'clock, but starting at 2 p.m. Eastern time, they're actually just streaming on Lee. They're doing a six hour pre telecast. Um And that'll feature other celebrities. Um, you know, coming on and doing things. Eso any Lennox and Adam Lambert. Um, Jennifer Hudson. You know, Michael boo play. So, you know, basically, ah, hold music Festival Day is going on today, basically starting at at 2 p.m. So, you know, if comic Con

spk_1:   44:48
and I was, like, skipped over,

spk_0:   44:51
So you know, so 2 p.m. I'm not sure where it's going to be streaming from, but I'm sure if you do a search for, you know, one world, um uh, what is it? One world together at home? I'm sure you'll be able to find it. Um, you know, and

spk_1:   45:11
dreaming our podcast,

spk_0:   45:13
right? You can go in search of a twitch, right? It's probably, you know, there too. So, you know, it's basically, um it's aimed at celebrating the health workers on the front lines. Um, you know, and, you know, obviously they're gonna be asking, you know, for donations. Um, you know, for the, you know, for various organizations, because that's, um you know what most of these are is kind of what what we need, You know. So again, if you're not doing anything tonight because you're not going out? Yeah.

spk_1:   45:51
Rode on a pickle.

spk_0:   45:52
Throw it on and take a look. So, yes. Now I am done with an or Damon

spk_1:   45:56
S O. I did wanna throw one last one in on this one. Was, uh, more than honorable mention anything else? Kind of sad news. I saw an article, um, yesterday, I think, the day before that actor Brian Dennehy has passed away at age 81. Ah, he waas two time Tony Award winner, which I wasn't aware of. Various, very established stage actor. I remember him most from the first blood. You know, first Rambo movie. I remember him from Cuckoos in Cocoon. Had a 50 year career. Um, very humble. You know, I've seen interviews with him. He's been a very, uh, charismatic character, but ah, very down the earth. You know, in an interview he was talking about, You know, I'm very fortunate. I have a nice house. It's not a mansion. It's not. It's not a palace, but it's nice. I am credible. I was able to put my kids through school. Um, and I've had a positive impact on the world. And what more could you ask for a legacy. What more could you ask for? Right, Right. So very talented actor was not related right over 19. So you know, Not that there's much consolation that

spk_0:   47:24
right, But a long life?

spk_1:   47:27
Yeah, 81 years old brain dinner. So that was all we had for entertainment news. We will come back with our insightful picks of the week, the go for your insightful picked here.

spk_0:   47:47
So, uh, my insightful pick is a show that's on Netflix called Unorthodox. Um, it is a German American drama miniseries that debuted on Netflix March 26th. And the Siri's is actually loosely based on Deborah Feldman's 2012 autobiographical Ah book called Unorthodox. The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots. It's the first Netflix Siri's that is actually primarily in Yiddish. Um, so there are You know, it is mostly subtitle. So if you're not a fan of subtitles, this is not, you know, the show for you. Um, but the story Ah, it follows the 19 year old Jewish woman named SD who runs away from her arranged marriage and an author ultra Orthodox community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Um, and she ends up moving to Berlin where her stream Mother lives and tries to navigate a secular life and take classes as at a music conservatory. Ah, her husband, who finds out that she's pregnant, travels to Berlin with his cousin by order of a rabbi to try and find her S O the Siri's again is basically loosed on um, the book, Um, it's interesting because it's only ah, four part, um, miniseries. But then they also had a kind of 20 minute making off. Um, and you get to meet the author and what she says is, you know that everything that kind of happened in Brooklyn was really what had happened with her life. But what happened in Berlin in the show? Um, that wasn't based off of her life. So that's so that's where it differs. But it's very interesting to see, um, you know, if if you aren't familiar with the culture and the rituals, you know behind it, this gives you a very, um, behind the scenes look, um, between, you know, the wedding, the everything that goes on, you know, between the arranged marriage, and you know various things with the holidays and and make those and and things like that you know things that you know if you don't already know, I'm I'm Jewish. I'm not orthodox. I was never brought up orthodox, and I knew certain things, You know, that went on. And there were some things that I had never seen Ah, or knew about, you know, with this And, you know, and the documentary portion of it was very interesting to to see how you know how much research they did Thio to do it justice and and make sure that everything you know was done, you know, correctly. So it's not a very fast paced It is kind of slow ish, but it is a very interesting, you know, Look, you know, in this this life that most people you know don't know about so interesting. Yeah,

spk_1:   50:52
very interesting pick. Thank you. Thanks. So my pick this week is kind of off the wall, will say years. They're always like that. So So buying is a wicky this week. Uh, and it's for a very specific reason. I'm the type of person. Like many people, when you goto any wicky, the whole idea is to get lost in follow the various links and learn and and soak it in and everything. Um, as you know, I was not a fan of walking dead when it started. When it started, I missed the first. What, seven seasons? Right. Um, I started kind of shoulder surfing when you were watching the Later seasons s. So I went back, and I binge watched all of the season so caught up on the TV series. But I never read the graphic novels, right. Eso I'd learned that the graphic novels are loosely, you know. The show is loosely based on a graphic novels, but the graphic novels take very different twists and turns and different characters and outcomes and so forth. So I wanted to kind of learn the story of the graphic novels that had told the graphic novels. But I don't have. I'm not the paper person to sit down every graphic novels. I'm much more inclined to sit and read a regular novel. Um, I kind of like the let my imagination paint the picture for me. Um, so I stumble upon, you know, the Wikipedia page, which is that fandom dot com walking dead dot fandom dot com, And I kind of used that to do look ups based on the TV show character would pop up and I'd look up that character and get a back story and so forth. And I kind of stumbled upon the fact that they had summaries of all the episodes of all the issues I should. They have all the episodes as well, and I started reading through this serialized summaries of the episode, and I found them to be, you know, not to user not to get corny, but insightful. Um, they they really did a very good job of summing up what the story was going through without getting into the minutia. You kind of got that 30,000 foot picture of how the story progressed. Okay, Kind of the old fashioned Cliff Notes version of the walking dead novels. So they've got every single episode up to the last episode, which I think was 1 93 a thing or something like that. So I started reading through that I thought, Wow, this is a really good resource if if you're a fan of the show, but you want to know the graphic novels, you know the time to sit down and read the novels I haven't really found a good online resource to get these. You could buy the companions and stuff like that, right? Right. That's a lot of reading to go through

spk_0:   54:02
right? And they're heavy because I have one.

spk_1:   54:05
That's a lot of trees. That's

spk_0:   54:07
a lot of trees.

spk_1:   54:09
So I started going through these I'm up to around Episode one issue 1 25 somewhere The whispers. It just just appeared. They're kind of a new phenomenon here. So almost up roughly in timeline to where the show is OK, eso curious where it goes from here is far as a graphic novels go, but I thought it was a great resource to give people. I spent a couple of hours reading these now, and I'm very impressed with him. You could do the same thing. You're catching up with the TV series. They go episode by episode and give you the scene quality summaries that you have. They have summaries of the various video games out there. They wow, fear the walking dead summaries they've got. I mean, it's an incredible resource. You go in and look a character profiles, OK, they do the one thing that actually got me turned onto. It was I was looking up to try to get perspective on where the various locations were, where okay. Top was in Alexandria and where these are and how far away they are. And okay, so, you know, early on, they were driving these. Now they're walking them. How long does it take? And then I stumbled into everything else, and it was just a lot of information in here. And the one thing that really I took away from it was the walking dead has an incredible universe of story to it, right? The depth, the characters. Um I really didn't realize how story Richet Waas. Um and it has so little to do its health bees, which is the most amazing thing, Right? Right. You know, it's like 30% zombies and 70% you know, human drama. Uh, yeah. So I was very impressed with writing, which I don't I don't certainly don't want to knock the comic writers, but I don't think I would have gotten the scene value, but of the comic that I do reading the summaries themselves because I get I get the put all the scenes together in my head you know, I can't imagine what these characters look like and the looks on their faces and stuff rather than kind of having done for me. Eso It gives me a whole different appreciation for the stories, but I would highly recommend taking a look at the walking dead wiki at walking dead dot fandom dot com. Cool pick. Ah, we'll be right back with, uh, plugs. So, uh, that, I think, is the show for this week. Ah, just if you are interested, please subscribe to us on Apple podcasts. Spotify Google Podcast stitcher I heart radio tuning. If you're watching these pre recorded on our YouTube channel, please subscribe Ghost on YouTube. We do stream live six days a week on twitch at twitch dot tv slash insights in the things you can email us at comments at insights into things dot com

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and then on facebook at facebook dot com. Backslash insights into things podcast.

spk_1:   57:51
I think that is all. I think that's it. All right, folks, stay safe. And, uh, wash your hands and don't touch anyone. Don't touch anything. We'll talk to you.

spk_0:   58:03
I have a good one.