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Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 60 "Furloughs and Landgrabs"

April 06, 2020 Joseph and Michelle Whalen Season 2 Episode 60
Insights into Entertainment
Insights Into Entertainment: Episode 60 "Furloughs and Landgrabs"
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Disney is forced to reluctantly furlough non-essential employees in the wake of the continued shutdown of operations due to COVID-19, but they are still covering their health insurance and Disney execs are taking one for the team as well. At the same time Disney is expanding their landholdings around Disney World in Florida and donating masks and ponchos to health care workers on the frontline of the Coronavirus crisis.

In Star Wars Insights we'll take a look at a change in writers for the forthcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series set for debut on Disney Plus sometime in the near future. And we say a tearful goodbye to Actor and dialect coach Andre Jack whom fans will recognize him as General Ematt from Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi as well as other Star Wars movies.

In Entertainment News we'll talk about HBO making over 30 movies and shows available free of charge to help you get through your COVID-19 isolation. And Fran Drescher and the original case of The Nanny will reunite for a Virtual Table read of the original pilot 1992 pilot episode of the show for those stuck at home with nothing to do.

We'll finish up with our Insightful Picks of the week with a couple of contemporary must see selections for your viewing at home pleasure.

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insightful podcasts, informative hosts insights into a podcast network. Welcome to Inside Scinto Entertainment. A podcast. Siri's taking a deeper look into entertainment and media. Your hosts, Joseph and Michelle Whalen. Ah, husband and wife team of pop culture fanatics are exploring all things from music and movies to television and fandom.

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Welcome to insights into entertainment. This is Episode 60 Furloughs and Land Grabs. I'm your host, Joseph Whalen, and my brilliant and intelligent co host, Michelle. Well, stop. So how you doing today, sweetie?

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Um, better than the last couple of days. I I actually went for a walk outside this morning. Um, first time in a very long time. And I think the the cool air and the kind of sunshine really wasn't very stunning out, I think. Kind of kind of helped. I think the the cabin fever is definitely set in. Um, so it was You know, I think today's gonna be a better day than in the last couple. That's good. How are you doing today?

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Doing good. Just a disclaimer. Before we get into things here we are playing with some new equipment here, right? And I have apparently, landscaping is happening outside It's a plane that a plane that's a plane of the very lovely

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There's a plane going. Wait a second, can you plate? Maybe that's why it's out. It's so loud because nothing else is going on.

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So anyone outside playing with some new equipment here I have a new board, the control of video. So I apologize that I find funny.

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So this could be really interesting

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to hear on. We are testing out some new camera equipment on one of the angle's too. So hopefully everything works out. And to top it off, changing up the format a little bit here,

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trying something

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new, even where I will be handling our Star Wars insights stories only seems fair. I think so way will say so. Today we have, ah, stories on Disney, Detective Ah, we've got Disney is furloughing staff now in the wake of the continued cove in 19 shutdown. But at the same time, they're also purchasing some land, which I thought was kind of funny because I thought they owned all the land in Florida already. Um And then there is another feel good story about Disney again. Yeah, something stepping up, donating some equipment for our first responders. Ah, then in our Star Wars insights, we have some information on a new script writer for the over Won Kenobi, Disney plus Siri's and then some sad news with the death of a Star Wars actor as a result of a covert 19 than in our entertainment news, we will talk about some, uh, feel good stuff that HBO was doing for us in our quarantine. And then fans of the show Nanny Will. The nanny will be happy with some get together news, I guess on. Then we'll move on to more insightful picks. So another good show ready to get into it?

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Sure, let's give it a try

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for Disney.

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So this really wasn't much of a shock that Disney is actually going to be doing furloughs. Ah, for staffers whose jobs aren't necessary at this time, it's unclear how many employees are gonna be affected. Um, and it actually begins on April 19th. S O. The Burbank based media giant states that staffers whose jobs are aren't necessary at this time will be furloughed. As of April 19th the affected staffers will receive full health care benefits plus the cost of employees and company premiums will be paid by Disney. Ah, the company had said, um and obviously this effects, you know, all of their their brands. So you have, you know, 20th century Fox. Um, you have ESPN, You have Disneyland Disneyworld. You have this store's, um, so, you know, and you have, you know, one of the other things that the article talked about is it wasn't sure what it was gonna be doing for the union members. Like how that's gonna, you know, go into place. So there's obviously much more talks that need toe happen with this. Um, so on Monday, Disney too close disclosed that the top executives would also be taking pate cuts on their base salary. Bob Iger are, uh he is, uh, you're best friend, Bob Eyes actually gonna be for going his base salary during

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because, you know, you mean

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well, yeah. And then obviously knew Bob is taking a 50% pay cut

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because he's not nearly as Richard's old

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right. And then various VPs air doing 20 you know, to 30% based on what they're they're great is, um, you know, toe help out. You know, which I thought was noble of them, you know, because there are lots of companies that are in there, You know, you hear various stories we were talking about, you know, one last week, Um, Texas Roadhouse, where, you know, the CEO of the company was like, I'm not getting paid, but all my employees are. And then you hear about some other companies that are like, Oh, you know, let's start a go fund me so I can pay my employees. But yet there, you know, billionaires, and they're not for going. So this was, you know, nice to hear. Obviously, I thought the fact that they're still paying the health benefits

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That's especially that big, given the current health crisis. The fact that they're going to continue to pay your health benefits if you're out of work in the point Right, That is huge.

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Yeah. So, again, kudos to Disney. You know, for that and obviously, you know, um, they've been having issues, obviously, with you know, the different movies, like, you know, they can't start production or finished production on certain one. So that's obviously pushing things back. You know, the park. You know, we we know they're They're losing billions of, you know, millions of dollars a day with the parks, you know, being closed, you know? And when you think about like, ESPN, which is a division you know, which Disney owns, you know, you've been, you know, they don't have anything to show on television. So they're doing Maur replays of old sporting events. They're showing classic movies and documentaries, and

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they're resorting. The sports that

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that's what's kind of funny is it's seeing all these e sports, you know, that that are popping up. So, you know, So they're they're being hit, you know, hard as well. But, you know, again, the fact that they're stepping up and helping out, you know, they're cast members is

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yeah, I think I think this is just, you know, another example of Disney being a good corporate citizen. Yeah. Yeah. And taking care of what needs to get done. Fortunately, Disney can afford to do that,

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right? Exactly. And and granted. Yeah, there are lots of smaller companies that I just can't. And, you know, there was, ah, somebody a friend of mine who had mentioned that there was one company that he had heard about. I guess there was an article you know, about all of the money we're supposed to get. You know, the relief from from the government and that some of these smaller companies were basically Oh, well, if you're getting, you know, $1200 from the government, I'm deducting that from your pay. You know, when when the paychecks come out. Because, well, if you're already getting that money, you don't need it for May. And they got such bad press Now again, I don't know who it waas, um, that they basically came back and said, No, no, no, we're not going to do that. But I'm sure there are probably.

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And there's something way. When you look at Disney, right? And you look at Disney's current business model, they're still bringing in a boatload of money in online sales subscriptions and everything else. So Disney still has viable revenue stream coming and with other businesses just aren't looking your small mom and pop shops. You your restaurant genes that can't stay open and they don't have a revenue stream so right, Their priority really is to try to keep the business afloat while at the same time trying to help your employees Yeah, you and I are very fortunate that our employers continue to to have business, right? Um, not that they're not negatively affected. They certainly all

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right, Right.

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But our companies aren't shutting down, so we're very fortunate in that. But I can understand these other companies that that's a matter of survival, for, you know, if they cannot mean teen some kind of income coming in because, you know, student loans don't have to be paid mortgages. Not to me, but your utility still need to be paid your overhead. Your your suppliers still need to be paid. Everything from a business standpoint still needs to be paid and you have no revenue coming in. You can't do that. That's not the case with Disney. Disney still has loads of revenue coming in granite not nearly as much as they had, but they could still keep the lights on at this point in time. And and they're doing, they're stepping up and doing the right thing, which kudos them for you. They're also buying land. So tell us about

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eso. Despite obviously the park being closed with with everything that's going on, it seems that Disney, who is always looking to expand has now purchased even more acres of land just west of the Magic Kingdom. So, according to the Orlando Business Journal, ah, an entity related to Burbank, California's based The Walt Disney Company, has scooped up more land near Magic Kingdom. On March 31st Celebration Company bought 26.3 acres for $1.5 million or roughly $39,923 per acre. Ah, west of its theme park and on the south Ah, the south eastern shore of Reedy Creek, Orange County records show. Um, and just last December, Disney actually purchased and a date on a Jason Excuse me 235 acres for $6 million. So no word as to what it is that they're looking to use it for. But, you know, obviously Disney is always looking to expand. And what's amazing is how much you know, land they already own down there that isn't even develop.

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Yeah, that's sort of I know, kind of annoying to Mai is that Disney already owns so much land that they go out of their way to preserve the experience for people. Bye bye. distancing things and hiding things, all right, And in the process of doing it down in Disney World, they burn up a lot of land. You know, they've got, ah highway system in there. Basically, that sucks up a boatload of lane and like, to me, it almost looks like they're very wasteful of the land that they have. Um, for them to men have to go out and acquire additional land,

spk_0:   12:45
right? Right. It seems

spk_1:   12:46
kind of strange to me, considering they literally own a small country. Really? The end. You know, I'm not surprised at the cost of the land,

spk_0:   12:57
right. Well,

spk_1:   12:59
you know who's buying it,

spk_0:   13:01
right? So you're good, you know that? That's you know, when you look at historically, you know, when you look at how you know Walt was I was starting to buy the land for Anaheim, you know, And it was all these, you know. And once people knew it was them, you know, was the Disney company. You know, the price skyrocketed. Same thing happened with the Florida project. You know, as soon as all these shell companies were found out to be, you know, owned by discipline, everything you know, So now they don't even have to, you know, like, yeah, it's Disney that, like,

spk_1:   13:33
right? It's just okay, we're gonna paint and see an amount of money for this, right? Right. Exactly. So I can only imagine what they're gonna be using it for mean. We haven't heard anything about any new parks or writing,

spk_0:   13:44
right? Is it gonna be another resort? You know, they just opened. Ah, Riviera. You know they're there.

spk_1:   13:53
Well, when you look at what they're doing in Magic Kingdom, where they've expanded Magic Kingdom now beyond its original border, right, that's true for for the size of the park There. So

spk_0:   14:03
Mayor adding, you know, MME or two, you know, because of it being in that area because they couldn't really expand Magic Kingdom beyond where it wasa. Maybe they're looking toe. Yeah, actually, now

spk_1:   14:18
should be interesting to see where they go. There's something I'm sure it's probably one of these things were it's, like, 10 years down the line, doing it

spk_0:   14:24
absolutely well, you know, And there's so many other you know, different things that came out this week. Um, you know, Disney related stuff where ah, there were permits that were filed for, um, the area. That's stitches. Great escape. Ah, which is a ride that for so many years it was just open seasonally. And now you know, they've completely closed the ride. Um, it used to be, um What was it before? Stitches. Great escape. It was the extraterrestrial, um, ride that, you know, scared kids. So they had closed that down. Um, but the speculation was really that they were just doing demolition inside that there wasn't really a plan to do anything with the area just yet. So, you know, it's nice to see that there still, you know, in the planning stages for for things and in the middle of doing things, you know that they can, you know, during during all of the shutdown, so

spk_1:   15:20
well, and that's the other thing with Disney is like, they're they're secretive and everything that they do. Yeah, except for when they have to be public, like they have the Republican signal land,

spk_0:   15:33
right? Exactly. Or the permits for things and people, you know. And then everyone gets

spk_1:   15:37
and then you have t o. Guess everybody.

spk_0:   15:40
Everybody plays the guessing game until something finally comes out. And you're like Oh, that was over. I am

spk_1:   15:46
curious, though. The property that they reaching recently bought in this story here. Was it developed already?

spk_0:   15:54
I don't think so. If you look at the map, that was in the article. It looked like it was just just undeveloped, undeveloped land. So it wasn't like when, you know, Disney bought, uh, land in Anaheim because originally what? After the park was built, all the land around it was bought up by other places. And that was what was so funny from when we went a couple years back to when I had gone, you know, like, 10 15 years before. So much has changed because Disney basically came and bought ah, whole area of land around Disneyland and to make you know and bought it to use it for themselves. So it had such a different look to it. Where with Disney World, You really don't see that? Because again, you know, they already have so much land around the area that, you know, you wouldn't even know. Oh, is this new? Did they just buy this? I didn't know,

spk_1:   16:55
You know, it's interesting because Disney has its own infrastructure, so they have you know, they'll come in and do their own utility, their own roads and everything. So when I ask if it was developed, I'm curious. If it was developed to the point that it may be ready to use land for them,

spk_0:   17:11
right, right,

spk_1:   17:12
right off the bat where they could be using it for back lot stuff for storage.

spk_0:   17:16
Yeah, Yeah, it didn't look like it was developed as a as of yet.

spk_1:   17:20
So. And the last Disney detective story we have is, ah, feel good.

spk_0:   17:25
Here's another feel good. So Disney Parks is donating masks, masks and ponchos toe health care workers who are dealing with the Corona virus crisis. So as hospitals are, you know, dealing with shortages Ah, from medical equipment and things like that. So the company has contributed more than ah ah, 100,000 and 95 masks that were donated to New York, California and Florida. In addition, they also donated ah, 150,000 rain ponchos. Now, according to the Disney Park blog's, the Panchos were donated. Um, the It was inspired because nurses across the country found that rain ponchos could be used to protect their clothing and also prolonged the use of personal protective equipment. So, you know, kind of interesting, you know, interesting thing, because I know you know, you see people with, you know, garbage bags and, you know, wearing that on top of it. So here's something the Panchos were just sitting there Might as well, you know, put him to good use. S o. They had said that the cove in 19 pandemic is unlike anything we've seen before. Ah, the president of, um, med share. Ah, which is the company that they were giving them to? Ah. So we try to find ways to pool our resources and work together to help our health care workers who are doing their very best to treat patients. And we appreciate Disney partnering with us to help support hospitals. And health care workers are in the front lines. So obviously, you know, we talked about it a couple of weeks ago. Disney resorts in California and Florida had already started donating food toe local food banks. And here's another, you know, donation that they're they're helping out with as well. So again, kudos to Disney and and all the companies, because there are are so many companies that are out there, you know, doing donations for for what? They can tow help everybody in this time.

spk_1:   19:27
And to put this into perspective with the Panchos. I mean, a lot of people may Here, Ponch, is something all that's just kind of silly. It's really not that effective in reading another story that was unrelated to this, um, the tests that they give you the main task that they give you for covert 19 requires a deep nasal swab. And when the and they they don't allow the individual the patient to do that the service worker, the the medical workers have to do this. And in doing this, it irritates the nasal passages and causes you to aspire, you know, to sneeze or dick off. And as a result of that, the person who's in administering this gets people coughing on them all the time. Okay, And every time that happens, they have to completely change out of their protective gear. So the idea of having these ponchos on top of the protective gear right allows them to change the Panchos rather than the whole gear. Right. And the gear is much harder, actually, get right. Say the ponchos make perfect sense in this case here?

spk_0:   20:34
Absolutely. It does. For that. It

spk_1:   20:37
was It was, you know, another another little brilliant move. That thing. Yeah, s So that was all we had for Detective.

spk_0:   20:44
That was it for Disney detectives. One little side note we didn't I didn't put the story in. But one thing that did pop up was that Disney was actually starting to take reservations. Now, um, for, uh, June 1st and on Ah, at all of their location. So I yes, they're hoping, um, to be kind of up and running. Maybe by then, Obviously, as you know, the weeks go on, we'll see. But that was something. Um, you know where most people who had reservations for dining or for resorts, you know, had to call and cancel or reschedule. But now it looked like, you know, they were actually going to start opening the regular reservations back. So? So we'll say we'll see what comes

spk_1:   21:30
up right at the end of the tunnel. Yep. Exactly. So we'll take a quick break, and we will take a quick break, actually, have a little ad to run today, so we'll get into star wars in science in a minute. For over seven years, the second SIF Empire has been the premier community guilt. The online game Star Wars. The Old Republic with hundreds of friendly and helpful active members, a weekly schedule of nightly events, annual guild meet and greets and an act of community both on the Web and on discord. Second sieve Empire is more than your typical gaming group. We're family. Join us on the Star Ford Server for nightly events such as operations flashpoints, world boss hunts, Star Wars, Trivia Guild, lottery and much more. Visitors from the Red today at www dot second sip empire dot com and now for Star Wars in sight. Uh, kind of inappropriate ad for goodness. So the first where we had today Waas uh Lucas film has hired Joby Harold as the new writer on the Obi Wan Kenobi Disney plus Siri's. Now you might ask, who is Joby Harold? That's a very good question. Um, Harold's writing track record is pretty thin from for being someone brought in the right of very important project for Star Wars. He's never written for television. Um, his on Lee to writing Fred's today are the Hayden Christiansen anesthesia film. Awake and 2017 Charlie Hunnam, lead King Arthur. Legend of the Sword. You saw that it wasn't

spk_0:   23:47
so that not that long ago, right? It was pretty cool.

spk_1:   23:51
Eso if the reports true, it's a bit of a head scratcher, considering how important the Kenobi Siri's is to Lucas. Um, this kind of has a lot of people. I'm not worried here. Uh, Disney has had some some issues with directors, directors

spk_0:   24:12
and writers on various things,

spk_1:   24:15
mostly on Star Wars. They had some, uh, marvel issues, but for the most part, they've knocked it out of the park with Marvel so that the fact that they're bringing in a relative unknown in experience writer here for what everyone thinks has to be knock it out of the park. Siri's here is kind of concerning for a lot of people.

spk_0:   24:41
And you figure this Siri's has already had some issues to date, you know, they're all the stories that we've heard so far about it have been not very positive. Yeah, like, you

spk_1:   24:56
know, we were told that it was supposed to be ah, great script that began with that script. Turned out to be a movie script, right? And Disney decided to turn it into a small Siri's, and it looked like they were having some issues converting the right Siri's in the movie script into viable, you know, television series. Yeah, so we'll see. The date was already pushed back. Ah, it's scheduled to begin production in January 2021. It was writing delays. The pushed it back. The one story we had a few weeks ago was Ewan McGregor commenting on it, right, that it was in jeopardy and it wasn't in jeopardy. And it turns out that it really wasn't in jeopardy. It was just in question. Yes, right, Right. Uh, so I don't know. We'll see how well yeah, well, that goes. But hopefully they knock this one out of the park. They had too many issues with movies recently. Right? Um, considering the Skywalker, Siri's was financially it was successful, but theatrically, I think it was a bust on their offshoot. Ah, Solo was wasn't huge. And now the casting and or Siri's is is taking a lot of criticism. We'll see. We'll see s So next up, we have Ah, Star Wars actor Andrew Jack has passed away at 76 from Cove in 19. Ah, he was a dialect coach to the stars. Ah, wound up with a Corona virus and succumb to it a few days ago. Andrews Rep. Jim McCullough tells us, Ah, Jill McCullough, sorry tells us her client passed away Tuesday morning at a hospital outside of London as a result of complications he developed from Covert 19. She says Andrew's wife couldn't, and this was tragic. His life couldn't be there. She was also a voice coach. Dialect coaches. Well, she couldn't be there because she was under quarantine in Australia, having worked on a project. They're just recently, Um, and there wasn't They may not even be a way to accommodate a funeral at this point.

spk_0:   27:22
Yeah, that that's what's what's really sad is that anybody that's going through this, um, in general, you know, funeral arrangements, you know, are kind of put on hold or, you know, are doing it privately without you know, anybody there be because of everything that's

spk_1:   27:39
going on. So yeah, he was, he was still working up to a few weeks ago. In fact, he's working on the new Batman movie with Robert Pattinson. Um I had read a separate article. Um, he had worked on Lord of the Rings and, um, yeah, I forget the actor who he had worked with. I just had it.

spk_0:   28:03
Ego Morrison.

spk_1:   28:04
Know he played, uh, photos friend.

spk_0:   28:09
Oh, Sean asked

spk_1:   28:10
John Aston. Thank you. We share the same birthday, by the way. Just saying eso sean asked him, had had sung his praises because of how he had taken him under his wing. Showed him the robes, and he was just like this. This fatherly meant to her figure during the entire ordeal of doing Lord of the Rings. And everyone spoke highly of of Andrew Jackson, you know, from the movie itself and every everywhere that he's worked at this.

spk_0:   28:40
Yeah, and it was interesting because obviously his name didn't ring a bell. Even, you know, they had us, you know, he was in a couple of different movies, you know, kind of is a background character, you know, but hearing, you know, the different actors that he helped with various, you know, accents and dialects and things like that was just kind of, you know, amazing Thio. You know that certain characters wouldn't be as good as they were without his help,

spk_1:   29:13
you know, And the article that I had read had gone on to say that, you know, being a a dialect coach was more than just teaching. Someone had a had a talk with an accent. It was mannerisms. It was understanding the culture. So everyone is working. Them has gone through this educational latent mint to not only understand how to speak like the character you armor, but to understand that character war deeply. And that was really fundamental to his his technique. So he will be missed. He was He was 76 years old. Unfortunately, that was all we had for Star Wars insights. We will come back with entertainment news.

spk_0:   30:00
Okay, So HBO is making 39 movies and shows available for free in case you've run out of things to watch on Netflix. Ah, So according to an article on buzzfeed, um, HBO has very shows and movies and documentaries. Ah, that they're making available, you know, for free. So if you've never watched any of you know the shows ah or Siri's before, here's your opportunity. Now tow. Watch them now. It didn't say for how long they'd be available. Um, but, you know the list, you know, goes from some current, uh, you know, more recent shows, Um, to some that, you know, were from years ago. Like The Sopranos, Uh, or one of our favorites, Tru Blood, Right, Which we never actually finished. So maybe now we could, you know, go back and pick up where we left off. Veep and the wire. Silicon Valley. Six feet under, Which was, Ah, favorite of mine and my mom's, um and then various documentary Siri's, um, that they had produced a CZ Well, a CZ, you know, various movies. Um, you know, some from, like, you know, the 19 eighties toe. You know, more current. A couple of kids movies were listed, you know as well. So I thought that was a nice thing, you know, for for them. Um, you know, we talked about last week. How? Um, put hard wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Ah, you know, that that became available. And actually, it was all of CBS access became available, and we, you know, signed up for our free, um p a one month trial. You know, given that I

spk_1:   31:54
don't want to get stiffed for

spk_0:   31:56
No, you're not will be done with it before. But you know, it's nice to see that there's all these different companies, you know, coming out and doing that. You know, since everybody's home, it has timeto watch every

spk_1:   32:09
I don't wanna be Debbie Downer here. Oh, no, But these people aren't aren't altruistic. Thes people are using a a, uh, international worldwide crisis to basically market their products to people.

spk_0:   32:26
But they're hoping to keep people entertained

spk_1:   32:29
through no different than crack dealers. First one's frayed and the rest he's gonna charge you for That's how I look at it, you know? You look, you look at all these TV commercials, all your Honda dealer. We're here for you, you know, blah, blah. No, you're not. You're really trying to capitalize on a crisis at this point. Time to sell stuff. And that's so HBO is really doing here. And that's all CBS Interactive is doing.

spk_0:   32:54
Well, the thing is, see, be with HBO. It's all old stuff, but it's I think only one or two shows air, actually.

spk_1:   33:01
Right. So they're trying to get you hooked on a little bit here without giving away the bank and, you know they're gonna hook. A certain percent of people's probably like that 70 30 like, 70% aren't gonna subscribe to 30% will, but they're going to use it to get you to subscribe. I remain skeptical of these seemingly altruistic efforts people, Sure. So tell us about the nanny.

spk_0:   33:28
So this was a cute little story that that popped up the other day. So Fran Drescher and the original cast of the 19 nineties classic the Nanny are reuniting for a special fan experience. So on Tuesday, Ah Drescher, who was the create co creator and star of the show, had announced on her instagram that, um, the nanny would actually be doing a zoom, uh, re union this coming Monday with the original cast. Um, so this was kind of kind of cute. They are actually going to be doing a table read of the pilot episode of the 1993 episode of The Natty, eh? So it was cute. They actually had a picture of, of all of the cast in their little zoom meeting and stuff. And it's so funny because, like, you know, the little kids aren't little kids anymore. They're you know, adults with their own kids don't need a nanny anymore. And basically, every member of the the original cast is going to be part of it. Um, so, uh, it talked that it was gonna be there were gonna be doing it on Monday, 9 a.m. Pacific time. Ah, so you can log on and see the cast and, you know, watch the now, I don't know if they already recorded it or if they're going to be doing it live. But, you know, it did kind of, you know, again, something kind of cool and different that you know, you wouldn't be experiencing, you know, probably any other time, you know, because people are tryingto fill their time with, you know, various things. So I thought it was kind of seeing all that

spk_1:   35:12
is kind of cool Now, I was never a fan of the money I want did transfers really annoying.

spk_0:   35:19
But what's so funny? Is that totally her persona Know, like if you actually hear her in a regular interview with her, not beat it and that's the thing, is even in the nineties, you know, after you know, when the show became popular, that kind of like Pee Wee Herman. You know, that was the persona

spk_1:   35:39
was a character

spk_0:   35:40
that was her character. And even in some of the movies that she made, that was her character. Where now, in today, you know, she totally, unless he's playing it up. That's totally not, You know, not what she is. So I

spk_1:   35:54
think, for the nostalgic factor, L A. I think right now, with everything that's going on, people need to feel good, and I think we go back to something, a show that's that's innocent and funny. You know, it is that that feel good kind of stuff, right? Right. And the fact that the cast and crew were coming back to this I

spk_0:   36:16
think it's kind of cool. Well, and you know this. I didn't add to it also, but obviously we go to different, you know, from if you've ever watched any of our podcast, you know, we go toe different conventions and things like that. Um, and one of the conventions that we've talked about a couple of times is Wizards, Wizard World. We were gonna go to it this year, then. Now we're not even sure if it's even happening? Um, wizards is, ah, International. They they do various locations. So one of the things that they actually started doing, because obviously people can't go to conventions right now. Is there doing ah, virtual Q and A's with various cast members. So, you know, if you've never gone to a convention, one of the things that they have is they have these different panels on It'll be various celebrities or stars from a certain show where genre or artists or whatever. So yesterday they actually did, um, a Q and A with a bunch of, um, stars from once upon a time. So that was kind of cool. Everybody's in their house, and they're basically on a zoo meeting. They were doing it through twitch. They were, ah, live streaming through twitch Ah, through Facebook live, um, in a couple of other, you know, different platforms. The week before, they had done one with a bunch of cast members from Supernatural. Um, and I saw that they posted that for next Saturday. They're doing the cast from Buffy. Aah! Buffy slash angel. So various

spk_1:   37:57
series not the movie,

spk_0:   37:58
the Siri's s. So I think that's kind of cool again. something you know, you can't leave your house. You can't go and experience, you know. Ah, convention. So here's a virtual, you know, experience. And they're all free, which is nice, because I know there were a couple of

spk_1:   38:15
when we would usually never get into most of these pounds and every right, because you have to read reserve them. And so far,

spk_0:   38:21
right, so this is kind of cool. So somebody that maybe, you know, and they even talked about it to, uh, during the supernatural. One was they were saying how awesome this was to do because there are so many people who either don't live near where AA convention normally happens and would love to be able to experience one. And here was away for for them to experience it, you know, without having TB around. You know, people are waiting in line so that that's, you know, another kind of cool thing that that's popped up because of the situation that we're all you know right now. Sounds

spk_1:   38:59
over lining. Yeah. Always looking for silver lining.

spk_0:   39:02
Yep, yep, yep.

spk_1:   39:03
S. So I think that was all we had for entertainment news. We will come back with our insightful picks of the week. Okay, here you go first.

spk_0:   39:18
Why, thank you. So, uh, this Friday night, like almost every other family I think I was doing, um, we watched onward on Disney Plus s o. The movie actually came out in theaters in the beginning of March. We didn't get around to seeing it before everything, but this was one of the ones that ah, Disney came out a couple of weeks ago saying that they were going to be releasing it digitally and on Blue Ray. And then also, it was gonna be available on Disney Plus as of Friday, uh, Friday. So we decided to have a family movie night. So the three of us were all cuddled together. Um, watching it, it was, you know, lived up to Disney. Pixar's expectations. Eso, teenage elf brothers, Ian and Barley embark on a magical quest to spend one more day with their late father. Like any good adventure, the journey is filled with cryptic maps, impossible obstacles and unimaginable discoveries. But when dear mom finds out that her sons were missing, she teams up with a legendary manticore to bring her beloved sons back home. Um if you've ever played Dungeons and Dragons. This is like chock full of Easter eggs and and various things

spk_1:   40:47
even giving credits towards the coast.

spk_0:   40:49
Yeah, that that was actually kind of kind of cool. Um, and just, you know, it tugs at the heartstrings, you know, the last 20 minutes, you know, even our daughter, you know, afterwards. Like it was anybody else crying like May. And it's like, yeah, you know, we all were, you know, And it starts the voices of Tom Holland, Chris Pratt. And it's so funny because Tom Holland obviously does Spider Man. Um, and he kind of had a very you know, there's a lot of parallels between Peter Parker and Ian and then Chris Pratt, who obviously, you know, guardians of the galaxy. It was a very over the top, you know. Um, Star Lord, you know, uh, comparison as well. Julia Louis Dreyfus actually does the mother. It plays the mother. And Octavia Spencer is the Manticore s o. A really fun cast. Really interesting, you know? So you know the premises that years ago everybody had magic, you know, and it was a magical land, and then we kind of got lazy. You know, magic was hard. Magic was hard. It was easier to flick a switch than, you know, trying conjure up fire. And, you know, over time we've lost our magic. Well,

spk_1:   42:12
the premise that I like there was that Oh, well, magic did exist, but technology was easier than magic technology took over,

spk_0:   42:19
right? Right. That

spk_1:   42:20
was kind of

spk_0:   42:21
you and that. You know, you kind of need to sit back and follow your magic. You know that everybody has magic in them. You just need thio to bring it now back out. So

spk_1:   42:31
very cool. You picked a good pick. I picked this weird.

spk_0:   42:41
What's your pick, honey?

spk_1:   42:42
Well, not onward. I gotta fix money. See, I'm gonna find the mouths. And then I got to come up here and wait. So kind of like it was not so subtly hinted at earlier. My pick insightful pick this week is Star Trek. The card. Now I will say caveat were only two episodes in. So I'm not passing judgment on the season just yet, right? But it will read the intro. Nearly two decades after Commander Data's demise and following the destruction of the wrong Dillon star system and the withdrawal of federation support for its evacuation. Jean Luc Picard or Jean Look pickers, as you called her still love and Starfleet quote unquote separated for reasons that have never been made public by either party. Until now, the car has been having recurrent dreams in which he interacts with data. One of these recalls a painting data titled Daughter, a mysterious young woman named Dodge Comes to Patrick, comes to the card for help, and he discovers she is a biological synthetic created by Dr Bruce Maddox, based on Data's positronic brain making her data's daughter. And if you were a fan of the next generation, Siri's Bruce Maddox happens to be the Starfleet officer who went on trial to argue whether or not data was sent. You know that? Was that one big gotcha. One big episode there after Dodges murdered by a secret society of wrong villains. Because who else I mean all the wrong. Another secret site, right? Right. Who believes that she is a prophesized destroyer of all life? The card learns that she has a twin. The sister. Ah. Yep, just like Luke and Leia. Uh, he makes it his mission to find her and to preserve the legacy of his old friend. It was ok. Had a very, uh, next Gen field.

spk_0:   44:53
Todo it did

spk_1:   44:54
some re tread themes. There was some undiscovered country feelings going on in there and a jury still out. You know, I'm I'm interested enough to continue,

spk_0:   45:07
right? I'm I'm definitely, You know, I was obviously a fan of next generation. Um, and, you know, I was a fan of the original Star Trek because of my dad,

spk_1:   45:20
which to you is like watching it all over for the first time. Because everything you see, an episode

spk_0:   45:24
this'll one, you know, because I watched it. You know, obviously the the Siri's had ended before I was even born. Um, you know, so a lot of them, like I see this one, remember? So every Saturday night, it's like a new episode. Um,

spk_1:   45:40
what I like about the card is that it's not like next generation was not cereal. They're all basically standalone episode. You sometimes get references back to historical things,

spk_0:   45:52
right? Right.

spk_1:   45:53
But they were all stand alone. So if you missed wanted, Matty could catch up on at the next. Right? Right and like with all drama today on television and streaming is this is cereal. It kills one to the next to the next. There's an underlying plot that you're trying to deal with, and then there's a plot each week that you're looking at here so clearly, we're trying to build towards something here. Um,

spk_0:   46:20
I do know there's some sort of spoiler, you know, some sort of thing in the final episode, because a friend of mine who has already watched it so we'll know he was pissed because I guess he's part of, Ah Facebook group or something. And somebody mentioned the spoiler and he was like, Thanks, you know, whatever for ruining it for me. So I'm kind of glad I'm not reading anything about it. You know, the one funny mean, which I kind of picked up on two was there's a scene we haven't gotten to this this this episode yet, but in the background there's lights, you know, just regular lights like we have. And

spk_1:   47:00
there's that right through

spk_0:   47:01
the I ke, a light that we always say looks like the death star where some people have actually painted it to look like the death star and the mean was basically Oh, good to see that Ikey is still in business in the 24th century.

spk_1:   47:13
Well, there's There's another reference toe lights. It has to go back to the next generation room when he was held captive by the Kardashians. Okay, okay. It might be the same Memphis.

spk_0:   47:21
I don't know. So it was kind of funny because I even picked up on it in one of the first episodes where he's, you know, sitting for and it's like, I'm like that. So I ke a furniture. I'm like, Oh, good. Mikey is around. That's kind of funny.

spk_1:   47:33
Anyway, the season want a Star Trek for cars available now on CBS all access and is free for the month of April during a special promotion period. Just for everyone's knowledge there? Yep. I think that was all we had.

spk_0:   47:56
That was it.

spk_1:   47:57
Uh, do we have any final thoughts or anything before we Ah, come

spk_0:   48:01
out. Just stay safe. Everyone, um you know, wash your hands, get some sun if you can, You know, stand outside for a little bit, Get get outside of your house or apartment or something, and you know and we'll get through it.

spk_1:   48:19
So before we go, we do want to invite you to subscribe to us on Twitch. Followers on Twitch subscribe on YouTube You can catch audio and video of our podcasts on Apple podcast Spotify Google Podcast, which, by the way, Google just released their new podcast application. I would highly recommend you take a look at it. It's and it's a great free podcast that you could get your subscriptions automatically on. We're on stitcher I heart radio Tune in. You get us on overcast pocket cast Castro cast box podcaster and just about everything

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And finally, you can get us on Facebook at facebook dot com slash insights into things podcast shoe. And I think that there's so many ways for people to reach out to us and nobody ever seems to do it. Um, I'm gonna have to put a phone number out there and turn this into a call in show

spk_0:   49:56
Cool toe. You know, Dio that

spk_1:   49:58
I have the technology that

spk_0:   50:00
we could even have you skyping if you want to dio

spk_1:   50:02
that, that would work too. So anyway, that's all we have for this week. Thank you so much. Stay. Stay. Sief, wash your hands and don't touch anyone. We're out of here.

spk_0:   50:14
We're out.